Top Sales Quoting Software in 2022

Sales Quoting Software


First impressions always play a decisive role whenever communicating with the customers. They have the capabilities of making or breaking any deals. And, the more you know your customer, the better you can communicate with them. However, with communication, customers also look for the speed with which you can deliver a quote to them.

Unfortunately, some businesses suffer from inefficient processes that lead to delays, bottlenecks, communication, and eventually, a significant loss in sales. Moreover, businesses sometimes face a lot of challenges, including spending time on manual data retrieval, pulling of inaccurate data or information, delays in obtaining signatures, and incorrectly using branded proposal templates, that ultimately hold up the sales cycle.

By using one of the best quoting applications, challenges that hold up the sales cycle can be excluded. In this blog, we have listed down some of the best quoting and proposal software that you can use to streamline your business’s sales process in 2022.

Benefits Of Using Sales Quoting Software

Businesses rely on sales quote management software because of its efficiency to deliver price quotes without utilizing manual labor. Its growing demand has made it more efficient and useful today. However, its inherent advantages have always remained the same.

Increases Accuracy

When the document is generated manually, it can be tedious and prone to human errors. As a result, more time is invested in fixing these issues, which considerably affects the quote delivery speed to your customer and the overall customer experience. Sales quoting software streamlines the quote generation process and ensures to provide the customer error-free and precise proposals and quotes. It not only helps in improving the delivery time but also the accuracy of the sales team.

Delivers Consistent Brand Experience

Apart from marketers, sales teams are also the representatives of the brand. The interaction between them and the customers reflects the brand of your company. It includes delivering branded proposal templates. Sales quoting solution helps the sales team in accessing customized, branded proposal templates to ensure that every proposal is accurate and automated.

Further, it even enables them to customize the proposal with relevant information. This way, you can easily build a great customer experience and relationships.

Eliminates Guesswork

Sales quoting software solutions have revolutionized the quoting process. It provides benefits beyond the quote presentation. It by default populates significant fields using the updated data available from the entire connected systems. It also takes care of the documenting signatures internally when it is ready to be signed and sent up to the chain for approval. It saves you from the pain of nurturing a lead during a contract negotiation phase only to lose them because of a slight mistake.

Top Sales Quoting Software

The above-mentioned benefits give us the reason to incorporate automated quoting software into our business. However, from the vast number of solutions available, it is taxing to choose the best one. Hence, we are here to list out some of the best applications to choose from.



WorksLeader offers the leading B2B sales quoting solution that enables your sales team to create high-quality sales quotations efficiently. It offers a user-friendly and sophisticated software module that makes putting together the most comprehensive quotation and proposal quick and easy.

This cloud-based quoting software helps you to add new products and customers to the sales quote for better readability. It even manages quote history with the help of version control. It saves your time by delivering ready-to-use quote templates as well as supports all crucial third-party connections for automated data fetching. Lastly, you can even provide upsell and cross-sell suggestions on your items added to the quote.

VARStreet’s InstaQuote

VARStreet’s InstaQuote

VARStreet’s InstaQuote makes the sales quoting process more effortless. It helps you create simpler, accurate, and immediate quotes using pre-designed yet highly customizable templates. You can add your product and services either through a custom catalog or by adding an ad hoc product while quoting.

Access to multi-distributor price and inventory makes it easy to compare the prices and create quotes with high chances of conversions. With Instaquote, you can convert the confirmed quotes into purchase orders in a few clicks.

The complex quoting process is simplified with features like CPQ, bundles, product configurations, approval workflows, and much more. It also combines the advantages of a great quoting tool with a sophisticated CRM application. This way, you can ensure management from complete trackability of all quotes sent to customers.

Moreover, it provides seamless integration between all your applications, including accounting, ERP, and PSA software like QuickBooks, SAP, SalesForce, NetSuite, etc. The quoting analytics provided by InstaQuote assist you in understanding the performance of your organization appropriately. This way, you can build a better forecast of your sales pipeline.

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ or Configure, Price, Quote Software by Salesforce is a sales tool that delivers accurate pricing to companies having any given product configuration scenarios. It constitutes the optional features, customization, quantities, and discounts that allow sales reps in quoting prices instantly and efficiently. Since it is a cloud-based platform, this easy-to-use software is available anytime and anywhere. Further, you can make a more impactful sales decision by directly linking it with your CRM software.

If you want to ensure the smooth deployment of this application, you need to oversee the rules and options customization to configure. It is implemented along with training and support for the sales staff, which helps them save time, increase quote accuracy and land more sales.

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot considers friction an ultimate foe of the sales team. They believe that combining the individual point solution and managing their complexities slows down the process and even stalls the growth of the business.

Sales Hub eliminates this friction providing tools and data that ensure to make your business a huge success. It improves your sales by offering super-efficient features. It keeps track of your customers’ purchase history that proves to be beneficial for future purchases.

Sales Hub enables you to reach out to your customers and expand your business more effectively.



PandaDoc is a quoting and proposal software that provides your team with a simple and sophisticated solution that helps in managing the creation, editing, and signing of documents effortlessly.

Since old documents make the work slow and harder, PandaDoc provides you with the confidence to create impressive documents using their services such as e-signature, templates, custom fields, approval workflows, and more.

It simplifies the process of creating error-free quotes and proposals and seals them with your signature.



Jobber is another cloud-based sales quote management software that helps you to send professional quotes using templates customized according to your company’s branding. It clearly displays the details of the work, along with the relevant images of your product and services. It enables the customer to select their add-ons or premium services according to their needs and watch their quote getting updated automatically.

Moreover, it sends customized email or text follow-ups to your customer on your behalf, thereby ensuring that you never leave any work on the table. The plethora of features offered by Jobbers makes it the best sales quoting software today.



Xero, one of the best quoting applications, enables you to prepare and send quotes and estimates that not only look professional but also include every detail your customer needs. It helps you to send your customer a link to a quote that makes access and comment effortlessly for them. It even turns the quote into invoices after it has been accepted by the customer.



Quotient helps you in creating professional-looking quotes that can impress your customers. It specifies quote items as options to assist your customer in picking and selecting the respective products. In other words, you can create interactive quotes that let your customers decide what products to add. It automatically updates their quote total and also enhances the offer by adding images.

With the help of this software, customers can ask any queries directly in the quote. Its easy-to-use dashboard includes the most recently updated quotes, follow-up reminders, and analytics, that are easy to understand.

Key Takeaway

With the help of efficient automated quoting software, you will be able to create branded and beautiful proposals instantly, thereby increasing the conversions and time-wide efficiency, saving time, and even improving the customer experience. Therefore, it is advisable to do some more research and find an appropriate tool that fulfills the entire need of your organization.

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