Top 6 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

Increase Website traffic

It is 2022, and by now we have all realized the importance of a well-built website. The impact a rightly made website can have on your business is great, and must not be neglected.

It takes about 50 milliseconds, that’s around 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website and that will further determine if they will stay or leave.

The very commonly used phrase, don’t judge a book by its cover stands false here because the “look and feel” of the website plays an important role in bringing traffic to your site.

As per a study, 38% of the traffic to your site will stop engaging if they don’t find the content attractive.

A business needs to make sure that its online presence is strong enough to drive more traffic to the website.

As a marketer or a business owner, you would want to have higher customer visits to your website, which would eventually help you to generate more sales and gain popularity.

SEO can definitely be a great strategy to drive more traffic to your site, but it isn’t the only one and will not always be enough. Relying on SEO completely can be risky and can lead to losing potential customers. This is the reason why a business must adopt various strategies for getting traffic to the website. In this read, we’re going to be looking at effective strategies that will help your business grow without SEO.

If “how to increase website traffic without SEO” is your question, this article will enable you to find the right answers and yield more traffic to your site.

Top 6 Proven Ways to Increase Website Traffic

1. Content Marketing

Content Marketing

A digital marketing strategy that enables businesses to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and presentable content to drive more traffic to the website. The content could be in the form of videos, blogs, social media posts, etc. Content marketing can be a very powerful digital marketing strategy to generate awareness and more leads, and drive more traffic. It can also be described as a way to organically advertise your business through high-quality content.

According to Sources, 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers consider content marketing as their key strategy.

Content marketing can help businesses create content and publish it online, so it aligns with the interest of the audience. When the quest for information and content align, organic rankings go up and help us drive more traffic to the site.

While efficiently marketing your content, make sure the digital marketing strategies are in synergy. When done well, the content will act as a KPI (key performance indicator) and drive more traffic to the website.

Specifically talking about blog posts under content marketing, sources state businesses that post a blog tend to have 55% more traffic to the site than others. Blogs are a way of reaching the audience through detailed information and also addresses problems that a user might want to read about. Some sources also state how a blog helps websites drive traffic to your site up to 700 days after the blog goes live.

Content marketing isn’t always done through blog posts, it can also be very efficiently done via audio and video content. It is believed, 45% of global internet users aged 25-34 listen to podcasts. This implies how having a variety of different types of content available will help businesses increase website traffic.

Content marketing when done with proper research can aid your business with some great conversions, increased website traffic, and great ROI. It can also be very beneficial when you are paying some well-established writers to create content that is original and keeps the users hooked.

2. Paid advertisements

Paid advertisements

Strategies for getting traffic to your site like content marketing take up a lot of monetary resources and time as well. Other avenues also help businesses drive more traffic to the site.

To achieve quicker results along with a planned ad budget in mind, paid advertisements are a great way to increase website traffic.

Paid advertisements are simply buying traffic for your site through online advertisements. They can help businesses display ads in the competitive space and pull through a brand image. Considering all the targeting options available, businesses with smaller ad budgets can also yield a lot of traffic to the site.

The reason why paid ads are a big win is that the average organic reach of the content available on social media is going down. Sources at have shown, the average reach of an organic post on Facebook has dipped as low as 5.20%, which implies only one in every 19 users see your non-promoted content. To eradicate this problem and reach out to more people collectively, paid ads are the way.

While using paid ads as a way to drive more traffic to your site, you have to keep in mind important metrics like CAC-customer acquisition cost that make the whole process more efficient.

In case you are a B2B business, LinkedIn ads are strongly recommended. Ads on LinkedIn will help your business find the right connections and work out more collaborations to drive higher B2B sales.

Paid ads, specifically PPC-pay per click, do a lot of good to businesses in terms of higher traffic to your site. This digital marketing strategy can help you attract thousands of customers within hours. It enables businesses to achieve results faster than inbound marketing strategies.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing

If you have ever read material about digital marketing or marketing strategies, email marketing would surely be mentioned. Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to increase website traffic. Emails tend to generate $36 for every $1 spent, implying an ROI of 3600 percent.

A lot can be done with email marketing, and to utilize its potential to the fullest here are some important reminders.

  1. Welcome emails can be a great idea to let new users know about your platform. A nurturing email to make the users feel welcomed will go a long way.
  2. Weekly newsletters can be sent to existing users based on their buying behavior. This could include new launches or additions to your business.
  3. Retargeting old users by leveraging email marketing is also very essential to increase website traffic. Cart abandonment emails or promotional emails could be sent to help with higher conversion rates as well.

Even though there are various marketing strategies, email marketing remains super popular. Sources have stated, 64% of small businesses use email marketing, and 4 out of 5 marketers could give up on social media than emails. That’s how big and substantial it is.

Email marketing can be a savior but it has to be used right. Here are some effective hacks that can help you. Be original- share stories on social media, post-BTS, and communicate in real-time. This will help your business build a personal relationship with the audience. Offering value via emails so that the conversion process gets smoother is also necessary. And, one of the most important tips is to include as many links as you can in your emails. This will make the process of redirection easier and increase website traffic.

4. Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Almost 9 out of 10 marketers believe that increasing website traffic is a result of effective social media strategies. Other than increased website traffic, well-built social media strategies also help businesses with lead generation, boosting sales, and increased brand exposure.

Gaining traffic through social media is like presenting your real self in a conversation and attracting users. Social media is like a place where users want to hang out and not be bombarded with sales in the face. On social media, what is essential is value provision and not sales conversion.

Given below are some tips you can follow to increase website traffic using social media.

  1. Join relevant social media groups.
  2. Share helpful videos, audio clips, and articles in social media groups.
  3. Post latest additions to company and promotional creatives.
  4. Host quizzes, contests, giveaways to attract more traffic to your site. 
  5. Use relevant hashtags to attract interest-oriented users.

While drafting your social media strategy, don’t forget to include CTA. The call to action will redirect customers to your site and help increase website traffic.

Another major aspect of social media strategy is having an influencer network and then an influencer outreach. Industry influencers with a good audience can share your content and redirect them to the website helping your business generate more traffic to your site. Businesses can collaborate with these influencers in various ways and make the most out of social media strategies.

5. Link building

Link building

When marketers are talking about how to increase website traffic, link building is surely one of the sub-pointers. This process can also be described as an exchange of backlinks. Reaching out to relevant and reputable sites for a backlink can help as an additional resource. Exchange links like these favors the algorithms and the website rank increases on the search engine.

Not only that, link building can help small-scale businesses build their brand image up and showcase their content on different websites and build credibility. To get more of these link-building activities, businesses can look out to connecting with PR agencies that can help them get out there in the marketing resulting in more traffic to your site. 

Sources also indicate that the more backlinks a page has, the higher traffic it will drive from Google. Not only that but also Google’s first SERP has 3.8 times more backlinks than the ones below it. We hope these statistics prove the significance of link building and how it can help businesses with an increase in website traffic.

6. Guest blogging

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is an easy and effective way to drive more traffic to the site and widen the reach of your business. It is always a win-win situation as we can generate backlinks, get visitors, interact with fellow bloggers, and a lot more. It also helps with SERP rankings.

Guest blogging is a two-way process. Along with posting a lot of blog content, you can also invite guests to write blogs on your website. Guests will tend to share your pieces of writings in their circle driving more traffic to your site.

According to Sources, 79% of the editors say that guest content is highly promotional and plays an important role in increasing website traffic.

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An overflowing website traffic needs

How to increase website traffic is an important question for businesses. There are various techniques and digital marketing strategies available that can help you drive more traffic to your site without using SEO. The right combination of social media strategies and content marketing techniques can help brands increase website traffic.

As a business, if you are looking for free ways to drive more traffic to the site, guest blogging and posting often on social media can help. As businesses, we shouldn’t always be relying on search engines to increase website traffic. Over time, algorithms change, and SEO becomes of no use. The strategies mentioned above can enable businesses to do a comprehensive marketing plan and increase website traffic.

That’s the guide to the top 6 proven ways to increase website traffic without SEO.

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