Top 5 Places to Sell Machinery Products Online

sell machinery products online

With the rapid growth of the B2B eCommerce platform, several businesses are moving towards selling their products online. Even the machinery industry is starting to sell on online platforms to boost their sales.

However, selling machinery involves huge expenses. You need to consider various factors whether you are selling machinery products offline or online. One such factor is deciding on the best marketplace to sell machinery products online. You could be skeptical about the reliability of these platforms.

To simplify the matter, we have listed some of the best platforms where you can sell machinery parts online. But, before getting straight into it, let’s understand the importance of selling machinery products in an eCommerce space.

Importance of Selling Machinery Products Online

Selling Machinery Products Online

Unlike traditional selling, using an eCommerce platform for machinery selling offers a vast range of benefits. Some of these benefits are described as under:

Maintain your Machinery Catalog Easily

Nowadays, B2B consumers are accustomed to shopping for machinery products online. Hence, your business needs to have a well-managed machinery product catalog to meet the buying needs of the consumers.

With the help of an eCommerce platform, the B2B business can sell machinery products online. You can upload and maintain the product information individually or in bulk to the machinery product catalog.

It not only helps you to become a leader in your industry but also builds trust between you and your customers. Some eCommerce platforms also offer FTP utility so that the machinery products are automatically uploaded and updated into the database.

Access to Rich Content for eCommerce and Quotes

Every customer will search, compare and learn about particular machinery before purchasing it online. As a general practice, customers do not purchase any product directly. They go through the product description available on different websites, compare them, and then finalize the selection.

So, which is the most compelling factor that persuades the customers to purchase machinery products from your store? It is rich eCommerce content. The machinery products with rich content have the maximum possibility of converting into a sale, both offline and online.

Choose an eCommerce platform that allows you to upload indispensable content like images, videos, technical specifications, etc. An eCommerce platform provides you access to rich content for both quotes and websites.

Add Prices from Multiple Suppliers for One Product

With the help of the eCommerce platform, the B2B businesses having partnerships with multiple machinery suppliers can add numerous prices and inventories for a single SKU. This allows the consumers to choose from various suppliers and get the best price for the machinery product. It also helps you to keep a track of your stock in your machinery product catalog.

Places to Sell Machinery Products Online

Places to Sell Machinery

Countless eCommerce platforms hustle and bustle with buyers and sellers. The business listings and the experience of the suppliers determine the performance of the website. Moreover, the trust of the consumer increases with the diversification of the machinery products that are traded online.

So, here are some of the places where you can sell machinery products online.


WorksLeader is a perfect eCommerce platform specifically designed for businesses willing to sell machinery equipment online. The platform offers several modules like eCommerce, CRM, sales quotation, and catalog management that provide a holistic approach to direct inventory, customers, and business operations.

With WorksLeader, you can drive your machinery parts and equipment online business with sophisticated eCommerce templates. It provides an easy design process with drag and drops functionality.

  1. You have complete control over your brand.
  2. The sellers can create online stores that are 100 percent responsive for all screen sizes.
  3. You can effortlessly integrate third-party applications like ERP, CRM, and accounting software.
  4. You can accelerate the quoting process by adding products from the catalog in a few clicks.

Maruti Machinery is an online consultant that provides a platform to connect the buyers and sellers of used machinery. Whether it is second-hand machinery, used machinery, a sick unit, or a complete running industrial unit, Marutimachinery is the right platform for B2B businesses that are looking forward to selling machinery online.

Maruti Machinery believes that used machinery is a perfect alternative for small producers that are on the verge of expansion. So, if you want to sell machinery parts online, you should consider Maruti Machinery as an option. All you need to do is list your machinery product by filling in all the necessary details in a form.

  1. Maruti Machinery provides visibility to a wider audience.
  2. You can sell both the new and used machinery on this platform.
  3. There are several business categories where you can list your machinery.
  4. It lacks a Catalog Management system.


The second location where you can sell machinery products online is Vendaxo. Vendaxo is an online curated platform that allows sellers to sell second-hand and used machinery products to a vast range of geographies and industries.

The platform provides transparent and hassle-free processes to their customers. They offer customized solutions so that the customers can enjoy a smooth selling experience.

  1. Vendaxo provides a personalized dashboard for every user where they can create and manage their product listings.
  2. Sellers can reach out to buyers from across the globe.
  3. The expert agents of Vendaxo are available at every step to guide the sellers.
  4. To enable quicker sales of the machinery products, the platform allows the sellers to list their products in a Premium Listing. is yet another B2B marketplace where you can sell machinery equipment online. It deals with both new and used machinery parts, including industrial spare parts and consumables of various industries. If you want to sell machinery products online, all you need to do is post an ad on the platform. The buyer who is willing to purchase the product will contact you through the available information on the dashboard.

  1. The platform connects buyers, sellers, consultants, and industries selling machinery products.
  2. It provides a dashboard to manage all your listings.
  3. The platform does not provide a personalized experience to the consumers.
  4. It lacks access to rich content for eCommerce and quotes. is an Indian B2B marketplace that sells machinery products online. The platform aims to manage the industrial product supply market by connecting the buyers and sellers on a single platform. They assist small and medium scale industries in sourcing high-quality products at reasonable costs and in a transparent manner. supports sellers from all over the world to sell machinery and other equipment to multiple industries.

  1. The platform allows the sellers to standardize the machinery products that they are offering to sell.
  2. The sellers can easily update and manage product data and have accessibility to the product demand in one place.
  3. It offers the functionality of maintaining a single integration point for orders, thereby reducing order processing costs and easing the burden of automated order flow.
  4. Multiple sellers are selling similar products, which makes the platform highly competitive.
  5. It provides minimal omnichannel support.

Key Takeaway

Using any of the eCommerce platforms for machinery, the B2B business can sell its industrial equipment and parts with ease. It allows you to generate maximum conversions and ROI for your machinery business without incurring significant expenses

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