Top 10 Profitable eCommerce Business Ideas that will Work in 2022

Profitable eCommerce Business Ideas

When you are looking at eCommerce stores to start in 2022 your first and most crucial step must be to have an idea for eCommerce startups. The strong foundation of a sustainable and profitable business lies in its idea. If you have an idea that solves a problem and is useful to the community you are targeting, your half work is already done.

If you are starting now, we have gathered the top 10 eCommerce Business Ideas 2022 that have proved to be proficient in the eCommerce sector.

eCommerce Business Ideas

1. Face Mask

Can you even imagine this NOT being on the list of your ideas for eCommerce startups in 2022?

Since the pandemic, the importance of face masks has drastically increased and is here to stay. The demand for it would be exponentially increasing at least for quite some time. Even if the pandemic comes to an end its usage has now become an irreplaceable part of people’s lives.

The potential of the face mask as a product is largely expanded across major geographies. The face masks have paved its path to a million-dollar company in the reputed eCommerce platforms. The main purpose of having a face mask is protection. So, you should make sure that it is high in quality and serves the purpose.

If you are to start selling face masks online it undoubtedly serves as one of the profitable eCommerce business ideas.

2. Grocery store

An online grocery store comes under the category of niche products. Groceries are considered to be essential. The combination of essential and niche products is considered to be the most profitable venture.

It qualifies as one of the great ideas for eCommerce startups. Online grocery stores as a niche can be said as a low-risk and high-profit venture if managed well. As the target market and the demand for the niche are both equally high. All you need to do is build a loyal customer base, start with very few products that are already demanding or have been established well in the market. Eventually, with time you will start growing and turn it into a profitable venture.

3. Thrift Store

With sustainable fashion rising to awareness the trends of thrift stores have emerged. The global movement against fast fashion has not just made millennials but all the generations realize the importance of sustainable and cruelty-free fashion.

Any business idea that bridges the gap between increasing demand and less supply with its unique approach is bound to succeed and a thrift store is one such terrific idea. The response that the idea of thrifting clothes has received is overwhelming. If you look at it from the business perspective the investments are almost none but the returns and the impact is huge. You can go with the idea of opening any thrift store but as per the current trends, the best pick would be to go with fashion as the niche.

4. Online Learning Courses

Ed-tech is a booming field. With the pandemic, the demand for an online course is skyrocketing. Online courses are a huge market with varied niches- corporate learnings, skill upskilling, global certification courses, etc. The digitalization of education has been a powerful feat, it is the present and the most promising future of the world.

When we take a look at the statistics it is mind-boggling to know the rapid growth of e-learning predicted to touch $325 billion by 2025. If you are to consider building an online course- this is the right time.

It can seem like a highly competitive field but you don’t need to worry, for it also has an equally large database of users. You just need to decide your niche- identify your unique selling proposition, tackle the threats, and keep evolving with the trends of the e-learning market.

5. Subscription packages/ boxes

When you visualize the word ‘subscription’ there flies an imagination of bundles of amazing things strung together as a package for a certain period.

The diversity in the options of the niche you choose to market can be an overwhelming idea to have. Subscription boxes or packages can be either a product or service of your choice. You can curate different products of any category ranging from beauty to food items. Be careful while choosing a product for a subscription whether it falls in the seasonal category. If you are just starting in the business field, you can choose to go with the seasonal category as a product. This can be one of the best ideas for eCommerce startups to put their foot in the world of business and be taken as a learning opportunity.

 When you are in the initial stage you can choose the products which are already well established in the market and package them as a subscription. Some reputed services that provide subscriptions are Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Babeths Feast, etc.

Business Ideas

6. Freelance Services

The pandemic led to layoffs in many sectors of the industry. Within a blink of an eye, people could sense the ground shifting beneath their feet as they lost their jobs. This led to a very heavy realization and a dire need gave the freelancing field the much-needed boost.

You can freelance in any field you are passionate about like content writing, website development, social media management, virtual assistance, etc. The scope of freelance services has immense potential for eCommerce business opportunities.

Freelancing can seem like something you do when you have free time or as a side hustle, though you own your schedule you need to run it like a business. When you run your freelance services as a business you have proper systems in place which enhance the efficiency of your service. Over some time, the business can be scaled to a full-fledged service-based business.

7. Technology-Driven Products

It is not a secret that technology is the best innovation for mankind. We 

are already experiencing the positive influence that technology has over the life of people.

The world is highly technology-driven and heavily dependent on it. Undoubtedly technology is the future. You go in any field you would have technology being part of it in some or the other way. The demand for tech products is always going to remain high as it is predicted to steadily increase more with each passing day.

So, if you are to start a business of technology-driven products in 2022 it is the wisest decision you will make.  You can target any products- smartwatches, fitness bands, dash cams, video cams, AR/VR headsets, etc. eCommerce business opportunities are innumerable and the profits are high.

8. Food Delivering Services

Do you know anyone who doesn’t need food?

Probably thinking what kind of foolish question it is, food is one of the most essential things for a living.

Exactly that is the catch when you think about any venture related to food. Going to high-end restaurants can be a great experience but having the most delicious foods from your favorite joint in the comfort of your home is an experience you would trade anything for.

Some of the widely known online food delivering services are Grubhub, Just Eat, Dominos Pizza, Food Panda, Uber Eats, etc. which have all become part of the billion-dollar revenues club. The online food delivery market can seem a tough nut to crack given the establishment of reputed online food delivering services, but the market is big and the demand for it as well. If you strategically plan and market, you are sure to succeed and become a profitable eCommerce business.

9. DropShipping Stores

Do you find the process of developing the product and manufacturing hectic?

Your zeal to start an eCommerce business shouldn’t rely on or stop due to the mere fact of exertion. We have an amazing idea that can be your solution.

You can start an online dropshipping store. Dropshipping connects the customers with the manufacturers directly. For the sales made on the products you shipped you earn some part as a commission. In 2022, the scope of the dropshipping store has soared high, which makes it a highly successful venture to delve into. As per statistics, the global online dropshipping market is projected to jump by almost 24% from $159 billion in 2021 to $196.78 billion in 2022.

According to the statistics you must surely be inspired to start an online dropshipping store. Prioritize and strategize the business precisely before you start it. Keep yourself constantly updated and evolve with the market trends, the success would seem closer than you imagined.

10. Digital Marketing Services/Products

Digital Marketing is the future, it is here to stay, flourish and reach greater heights. You can offer digital services or products, anything that you have your expertise in.

With the pandemic, the importance of having a digital presence has been very well understood by everyone. The skills of digital marketing are easy to learn, so even if you are a beginner you can pick up relevant skills, sharpen them, and start a digital marketing eCommerce business in no time.

Start Your eCommerce Business Now

We are sure that if you are planning to start an eCommerce business, these top 10 ideas act as excellent suggestions and help you kick start your journey of an eCommerce business.

The right time to start an eCommerce business is now. All the best!

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