Things to Consider when Choosing eCommerce Solution for SMB

eCommerce Solution for SMB


Before we go on an exploration of the things that you need to consider when choosing the business management software for SMB, let’s just take some time to comprehend why it is essential to consider an eCommerce platform for your small business.

Nowadays, buyers are increasingly using multiple channels and devices throughout their buying journeys. They’re shopping not only in brick-and-mortar stores but also online, that too, predominantly using mobiles.

To thrive in today’s market, businesses need to provide their products and services across various mediums. And a big part of doing that lies in the technologies being used by them. In other words, you need an eCommerce platform that will allow you to deliver not only on the expectations of modern consumers but also stay competitive and survive.

According to the statistics, retail eCommerce sales have amounted to USD 4.28 trillion worldwide, and it is expected to grow up to USD 5.4 trillion in the year 2022.

Hence, an eCommerce business management platform for SMB is essential due to the following reasons:

  • These solutions allow businesses to attract a massive customer base.
  • These platforms are not only cost-effective but also involve simpler marketing strategies. For instance, it is easy to post on social media for an eCommerce business.
  • Though buying and selling over the internet were not considered a daring move back in the time, people are now accepting it with open arms.
  • Businesses can create a personal connection with all their customers.

Things to Consider when Choosing eCommerce Solution for SMB

Now that you have understood why an eCommerce platform is essential for your business, it’s time to look at the things that SMBs need to consider when choosing an eCommerce solution:

#1 User Experience

User Experience

Customers are the most important aspect of any business. The brick-and-mortar store has complete control over the operations of its business. eCommerce, on the other hand, is entirely different. Your website may face server downtimes and software outages due to which customers face difficulty in accessing your business. It affects both your brand image and revenue.

If you have someone to help you at your difficult times, the problem becomes a lot easier. Similarly, 24×7 customer service even at the point of server crash prevents you from big losses. That’s why it is necessary to look for customer experience when selecting an eCommerce solution.

#2 Integrations

Another component that constitutes the best eCommerce solution for SMB is the integrations and plugins. There are several platforms like WorksLeader that offer a plethora of tools to operate your business effectively. Therefore, the decision of selecting the best plugin for your business depends on the needs of your business.

Following are some of the most prominent integrations that you should consider for your SMB:

  • Inventory management plugin to keep a track of the stocks
  • Accounting integration to assist with the sales, revenues, profits, and taxes
  • Delivery apps that help you in shipping products and other deliverables
  • Email marketing tools that help you to establish a connection with your customers.

#3 Pricing

The pricing plans for using the platform are also a crucial factor for your eCommerce SMB business. Pricing is the fundamental thing that you must consider as it is equally important for a new business and an experienced one.

Nearly all the platforms charge a monthly fee. But, the prices may vary depending on the type of platform you choose. It is also advisable to think about the processing fees associated with the platform. The only thing that you should not compromise is the quality. In simple words, you must weigh the pros and cons of each platform and select the one that is best for your budget.

#4 Mobile & SEO Friendliness

Mobile & SEO Friendliness

Reports suggest that almost 60 percent of the searches appear on mobile devices. It means that businesses need to look for solutions that authorize customers to access the website online and also make purchases through mobile devices.

Moreover, SEO friendliness is also an indispensable factor. In other words, it will be beneficial for your business to rank higher in the search engine results. You want your customers to find you whenever they are looking for products that are similar to yours. The ability to spread awareness through blogs, use your own domain name, and customers to leave reviews are some of the considerations for an SEO-friendly platform.

#5 Checkout and Payments

Integration of payment gateway to an eCommerce store is what every online business needs to do, to ease out the payment collection processes. It is highly recommended that your platform has multiple payment options so that your customers have the ease to choose their preferred payment mode.

You should ask yourself the following questions before selecting an eCommerce software:

  • Does the payment gateway provide single-page checkouts?
  • What is the minimum time period of receiving money back into your account?
  • What is the transaction fee?
  • Is the platform safe and secured for your customers?

All the above questions will help you make the perfect choice for your SMB.

#6 Security

If you land on a sketchy website, you would not want to enter your credit card information on those websites. That’s why security is one of the fundamental concerns among consumers.

eCommerce platforms have a responsibility of protecting the information of their customers. Therefore, most business management software for SMB should be robust and support HTTPS/SSL for a secured checkout process for your customers. Ensure that you select an eCommerce platform that complies with the PCI (Payment Card Industry).

#7 Order Management

Order collection and inventory management are the most demanding tasks for any business. An efficient eCommerce platform makes the process effortless for you. Businesses should have complete control over viewing, editing, and fulfilling orders from a single dashboard. Furthermore, understand carefully if the platform has the facility of sending an email notification to the customers.

#8 Scalability

Every business hopes to grow in the future, but they don’t know what will be the extent of their growth. Nevertheless, you should look for a business management platform for SMB that has the capability of scaling with you and your business.

Upon the starting of your journey, you would not want to pay for the additional features and storage. But, you would want to progress with your business. Thus, opt for a platform that will provide you with the required scalability, and you don’t have to spend a massive amount on it.

#9 Performance


People take about 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about your website. So, you must present your products in such a manner that are visually appealing to your customers. It is an immediate turnoff for people:

  • If the loading speed of your website is low
  • There are full of burdensome images
  • The entire page is full of ads.

You must look for a platform that presents an excellent site in line with the standards of the industry.

Key Takeaways

ECommerce is an outstanding way for small businesses to stand out in the crowd. It provides an exceptional way to drive sales, increase website visibility, and meet the goals of the growth. With the help of an eCommerce solution, businesses can accommodate both current and future needs and concentrate on the most precious features for success. This way, your business can achieve success.

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