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As the market becomes overcrowded with the latest technologies and products, it has become more and more difficult to sell solutions to the customers. Historically, sales have always been challenging, and so having a personalized sales quoting system has always been a necessity. However, sales quoting software has made it easy for B2B businesses to successfully close a deal, by helping create customized sales quotes.

A sales quote is provided to a customer to clarify the cost of products and services offered by them. When you draft an appropriate quote, you tend to build a relationship with your client and meet specific standards.

Also, in this competitive world, multiple brands are targeting the same audiences, which increases the competition even more. Hence, it is necessary to begin drafting a sales quote according to the needs of the customers as soon as you receive the request. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of quoting software as well as provide you with a detailed overview of creating, sharing, and eSigning your quote.

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Importance Of Sales Quoting Software

Importance Of Sales Quoting Software

Every team in your business should be dynamic and empowered with the latest technology to deliver the best services. Today, with the development of cloud-based solutions, the process of creating, managing, and storing sales quotes has become easier and faster.

Sales quoting solutions are important because:

Saves Time

The sales team has to manage multiple quotes and proposals, which can be a lot more time-consuming when done manually. However, quoting software saves the time required in doing the tasks manually and enables them to focus on other important tasks.

Maintains Consistency

When you create every quote from scratch without having a predefined format, it can lead to inconsistency. Sales quotation software helps to maintain consistency, thereby improving the brand image.

Version Control

In Document Management System, version control plays a very crucial role. Proposal Software takes care of the version control and eliminates confusion by updating the sales quote every time it detects any changes.


 Sales quoting software provides access to multiple members of a sales team whenever required.

Integrate With Multiple Platforms

A sales quoting software integrates with multiple platforms like CRM, accounting, and other productivity and project management tools. This way, your sales team can convert the sales data into meaningful information.

Step-by-step process on How To Create, Share, And eSign Quotes

eSign Quotes

A successful business is all about managing existing sales and breaking new ground to increase sales and close more transactions. Manual processes tend to reduce the productivity of the sales team as well as affect the growth of the business. That is why it is essential to use sales quoting software to generate sales by following the steps given below:

Select an appropriate template

In sales, speed is considered to be the most crucial factor. It is because your prospect waits for the quote for a similar order he has made from two or more potential vendors.

They only choose the quotes that fit well with their requirement and budget. In such a situation, creating and delivering the sales quote immediately becomes a top priority.

Quoting Software provides multiple quote templates that decrease the time involved in creating and distributing the quotes to the prospects expeditiously. These templates are designed keeping in mind the optimal readability of the buyer.

This way, they can quickly review the quote and make their next move. It also ensures that all information concerning the product and services is addressed accurately in the quote.

Add Client’s Details

The next step is to ensure that you have included all the client’s details in the sales quote. It might include their business name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, contact details, and titles. You also need to include your contact information and company letterhead, if required.

Import Product Information

When you have an eCommerce platform with catalog integration, your sales team tends to create high-quality sales quotes efficiently. You can add new customers and products as well as import products from the catalog to the sales quote without any hassle.

It can use real-time pricing options to create quotes with accurate prices. It automates the prices of complex products while creating quotes. It even provides you with rule-based calculations for a faster-quoting experience.

This way, the price, tax, freight, document, etc., are calculated automatically through the rules set by you. This feature is best applicable for products having fluctuating prices.

Furthermore, an appropriate quoting software assists you in upselling and cross-selling suggestions on your items added in the quote. With the help of WorksLeader sales quoting software, you can do much more than just quote. They provide flexible designs that ensure seamless operations with other enterprise systems.

State Your Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions are very crucial to explicitly address unexpected variables, like:

Disclaimer to address delay or other terms in the delivery.

Additional charges and costs in case the customer asks for work not included in the quote.

Payment method (checks, credit or debit card, direct deposits, etc.), whichever is suitable for the customer.

You can even specify things not included in the scope of the project. Ensure to use the terms and conditions as a section where you can highlight costs that you do not cover and which is the responsibility of the client as the contract ends.

Include Any Extra Details

Add any extra details to the sales quote that you might think are beneficial for record-keeping. It might include a section for the client’s signature, discount codes, and sales tax number. Other than that, you can even add a section for notes to provide information concerning timelines, highlighting additional services or products you offer, summarizing the product scope, and thanking clients for their time and opportunity for sending the quote to them.

Share The Quotes

Now, it is time to share your quotes with the client using proposal software. With the help of the best quoting solutions, you can streamline the workflow of the document, thereby taking advantage of conversion boosting tools like electronic signature fields, speedy payment options, and detailed analytics.

You can even get the benefit of sharing the sales quote in different formats Word, Excel, PDF, Web URL, etc. Also, when the quoting tool is connected with the eCommerce tool, the quote can even be made available to the customer’s online store.

eSign Sales Quote

Your quoting solutions need to be integrated with DocuSign for eSignature. This way, you can have your quotes accepted and signed electronically, and get payments directly from the prospect immediately. Since it eliminates the need for scanning and faxing as well as sending back and forth the quotes, the deal will be closed faster. It also eliminates the need for paperwork for approving a quote. Therefore, a customer can revert the quote with eSign on it anytime and anywhere.

Key Takeaway

Your quote will communicate what your client or customer can expect from you. If your organization has sales quotation software integrated with your system, the steps mentioned above will make the quoting process more effective and effortless. Even if you are not able to convert the leads into potential clients immediately, you will still grow and maintain a robust relationship with them. Lastly, take time to ensure that you are sending accurate product information to the respective customer. Since you do not want to commit something you won’t be able to deliver, a quote allows you to create the exact scope of the offering.

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