Product Information Every Customer Wants to Look at on your B2B Store Before Making a Purchase

Product information B2B Store


Whether you are new to eCommerce or already running a successful B2B online store, product information assists you in boosting sales.

B2B Store is changing rapidly, and Product Information Management (PIM) plays a crucial role in navigating these changes. The purchasing decision in a b2b eCommerce store takes a longer time than a B2C store. It requires more information, research time, and even more decision-makers as compared to other eCommerce stores.
An accurate PIM convinces your customer to buy products and services from your eCommerce store.

In this blog, we have provided you with a detailed overview of the product information every customer tends to look at while purchasing from the B2B store.

Why Is Product Information Significant For Your B2B Store?

In an eCommerce store, customers can not physically hold or see the product. So, they look at the product information provided by the organization. They want to see how the product looks, what it is made of, its dimensions, the reviews, and whether it is the one they are looking for.

Your product may be superior to the competitors but, if the PIM won’t be able to manage the product information accurately, the customer will ultimately shift from your store to that of your competitor’s store.

According to the data provided by OneSpace, about 87 percent of consumers look for product information before making a purchase. And, 98 percent of them do not buy products from the b2b eCommerce store because of poor or insufficient product information.

The lack of quality product information management can prove to be relatively beneficial from some of the B2B stores. Providing necessary product information superior to the competitors can be beneficial for boosting your conversion rate and market share growth. Thus, product information plays a very significant role in your B2B store.

Product Information Every Customer Wants to Look at on Your B2B Store Before Making a Purchase

Product information is essential for your eCommerce strategy. It not only assists the customers in making their purchasing decision but also makes them choose your organization for every purchase.

High-quality information provides a complete picture of your product, thereby making them confident in purchasing the product and leaving no space for doubt and uncertainty.

Below is the list of product information that every customer wants to look at before purchasing from your B2B Store.

Product Description

Since B2B customers are purchasing the product on behalf of the business, product description is the most vital information a customer looks for. According to the research from the Marketing Blender, 37 percent of the B2B buyers look for product details as their fundamental component in a purchasing decision.

The PIM should not only focus on the description of the product but also use descriptive product names to generate awareness of the product. The product description should include the name of the product, its characteristics, the benefits it serves, and many more.

Images And Videos

Images And Videos

Currently, the heart of the product information is a combination of images and videos. High-quality pictures and videos of a product allow the customers to see the products from every perspective and angle.

Good quality images and videos reduce the marketing effort as they assist the customers to visualize the product without seeing it in reality.

Pictures in the product information communicate the details of the products to the customers.

Hence, B2B Store should always use images that are high-resolution and zoomable. Clicking pictures from all angles gives a realistic look to the product description.

Videos play a crucial role in product information management. It provides the customers with a sense of understanding of the product, like how they are useful for their business.

One video can do what ten images do to enhance the quality of the product description.

Reviews/Social Proof/Ratings

Reviews, social proof, or ratings prove to be a powerful tool in terms of product information. Reviews, celebrity endorsements, product ratings, certifications, customer photos, and product badges push the product description a little more towards deal closure.

The reason is quite simple. Potential customers do not believe in the words of the salesperson unless they hear people talking about your product. Hence, reviews, ratings, and social proof are significant in the product information.



If you are selling a particular product at discounts or offering lower prices as compared to the standard retail price, then ensure that you mention it in your product information. The most common way every eCommerce store uses is by sticking to the original price and writing the discounted price below the name of the product.

If you want to develop a sense of urgency in your customers, you can also add the amount of stock left that is available at a discounted price. Highlight the percentage saved on the deal because different customers are influenced by different messages.

If a B2B eCommerce store fails to include the price and discount in the product details, they ultimately tend to lose their customers to their competitors.

Payment Options

Customers look for different payment options that are convenient and safe for them. The payment options can include cash, debit card, credit card, mobile payments, cheque, electronic bank transfer, etc.

When you offer more than one payment option in your product sales, you attract multiple customers and allow them to make substantial purchases.

Guarantees And Warranties

Guarantees And Warranties

Customers purchasing from a b2b eCommerce store usually look for the guarantees and warranties as a safety net. So, if you are offering a sturdy guarantee and warranty on your products, you need to highlight them in your product information.

Sometimes, customers have poor experiences with the products they bought from an eCommerce store. It makes it difficult for them to make a purchasing decision confidently. So, they prefer shopping from the store providing guarantee and warranty on their product. It keeps their mind at ease while purchasing.

Shipping Details

Customers want to know the shipping details like the expected delivery date and delivery fees involved. Customers do not like to encounter unexpected delivery fees charged after they have made the purchase. Hence, if you have the delivery fees, be clear about the exact shipping amount they can expect.

Also, deliver them multiple reasons, expected date of delivery, and options for tracking the product. This way, they will be updated about the status concerning the delivery of their product.

Return Policy

Return Policy

Although selling a high-quality product is effective, offering a return policy is a great way to help the customer of the eCommerce store tremendously. Customers have the fear of getting a product that does not match their expectations.

Therefore, adding a return policy in the product information relieves them from the fear and lets them purchase the product without any stress. It also showcases the confidence you have in the quality of what you sell.

Call To Action (CTA)

After providing the benefits, answer all the relevant questions, overcoming the objection, ensure that you have not missed the CTA button to add on to the product information. A call to action button enabled in the product information is very vital for customers before making a purchase.

Key Takeaway

Customers like to shop from the B2B Store, which provides every answer to their questions in the form of product information management. It is relatively important to understand the needs of your customers and mold the product information accordingly.

Product Information Management helps the customers in their buying journey by self-educating them and providing a deeper context to products. With PIM, an eCommerce store can optimize its product information and customize it according to the needs and preferences of its customers.

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