Is SWOT Analysis important to find the direction for your B2B organization?

SWOT analysis

Business owners always look for some solid ground before they make the next big move. For doing so, they require credible data, and analysis to work with. Starting a new business without any solid plans, data and credible insight is never a good idea.

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggests that about 45% of new businesses fail within the first five years.

Now that is a lot of loss mainly due to poor planning and not finding the right direction to do business.

One of the best techniques to get a real insight into your business is the SWOT analysis. The importance of SWOT analysis lies in the fact that it helps you to identify and work on your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

In this blog, we will explain the SWOT Analysis technique to you and also discuss SWOT Analysis’s usefulness for your B2B organization.

What is SWOT Analysis? 


SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Using the SWOT Analysis, you can clearly map out your strengths and weaknesses.

Along with that, you also know about the opportunities you have coming and the possible threats to your business. With these 4 string points, you get an overview of the areas that require your attention.

Now there are different ways of using the SWOT Analysis and the most simple adaptation is: 

Draw a big square, divide it into four compartments, this leaves you with four sections. Name them Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Finally, sit down with your team and write down relevant points in each of the sections. Make sure that you cover every aspect of it.

For example, let’s just take a restaurant owner who wants to apply SWOT analysis for his/her business. So here is a rough idea of how that would look like:

You see, once you have those kinds of points to work on, the result is always going to be positive. The importance of SWOT Analysis is that it gives you the 4 most important things to work on that are crucial for growth.

This analysis technique can be used in any business and at every level of management.

What is the Importance of SWOT Analysis in Business?

The importance of anything can be analyzed by simply asking, What is the need for it? As we are discussing B2B businesses so in this case, the question would be, What is the need for SWOT Analysis in Business?

Well, the most suitable answer for it is: SWOT Analysis helps you understand your business better. It lays out your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Once you have these things in hand, you can decide which of the points needs your attention at any given time. 

You can work on your weaknesses, improve them. You can look out and be prepared for any possible threats and you can also redeem any opportunity that comes.

So SWOT Analysis for B2B business makes you aware of the things you already have and the things that are coming. That way, you are always on solid ground and your business follows the right direction.

Sometimes, it might seem like overkill but a Chinese Proverb reads:

“It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in war.”

With SWOT Analysis, you are always aware and well prepared for the future. When you have a clear image of what your B2B business is going to look like, you are less likely to go in the wrong direction.

Why is SWOT Analysis Important? 

It is hard to establish and grow a business, and it becomes harder when you are in the B2B market. The market is highly competitive and you can’t use the conventional methods of promotions. So there comes a need for SWOT analysis as it helps in gathering all the strong and weak points of your business.

Gives Clarity on Current Position


A common consensus in the B2B market is that no one really likes uncharted territories as they are volatile. The thing is, these areas are only volatile because of the lack of insight.

No one really knows the pain points to work on or improve. In the end, everyone looks for a safe passage that just keeps working for them.

SWOT Analysis helps you in analyzing your position in the market. Once you know your current status in the market, you can measure your business performance and plan the future. With SWOT Analysis, you can enter any unchartered territory and still succeed.

Helps in Understanding the Strengths

Your strong points are what determine how quickly you are going to grow in any sector. With SWOT Analysis, you get a comprehensible image of the strengths that your business has.

However, knowing your strengths doesn’t mean that you should not care about them. There is always the scope of improvement and it increases exponentially with this awareness.

When you work and improve your strengths, it makes you a stronger authority in the market. This is vital in the B2B market as it thrives on strength. Always remember, a strong B2B organization can penetrate any market and dominate it.

Gives Your Scope for Improvement 

Gives Your Scope for Improvement

SWOT Analysis outlines everything including Weaknesses and Threats. A very important thing to know is that once you know your weaknesses, no one can really use them against you.

SWOT Analysis outlines the possible threats that might hinder your business’s growth. It also outlines the weak points of your business.

These two parts alone give you a lot to work on and improve. There is no such thing as “Perfect” but that does not mean that you should not chase it. With your weak points defined clearly, you can work on them and eliminate them one by one.

Also, it is always better to know what’s coming instead of being completely clueless. With this technique, you have a good idea of what’s coming as a threat and you can prepare countermeasures for it.

Can Help in Adapting Quickly to Rapid Changes

In an era where everything is dominated by the internet, you never really know what’s coming. Most businesses don’t even realize that they are on a downfall until it’s too late.

Organizations conducting SWOT Analysis are already aware of the possible threats but even if something still goes wrong, they can quickly go back to the drawing board and plan what’s next.

Internal and External Factors are All Accounted For

Perhaps one of the best things about SWOT Analysis, it accounts for all the internal and external factors. When we think of threats, we often associate them with external factors, but with SWOT analysis, all internal and external threats are noted down.

When you identify the internal and external factors clearly, you can easily assess their negative and positive impact on your B2B business. This ultimately means more data and insight and the more data you have, the more accurate predictions you can make.

So SWOT is Good, Right? 

Yes! SWOT Analysis is good and quite important to find the right direction for your B2B organization. As mentioned, to grow in any industry you need better data to make more accurate predictions. SWOT Analysis helps in that as it helps to create strategic plans to meet any desired expectations from the market.


That was all about the importance of SWOT Analysis for B2B business and how the analysis technique can help you to find and stay in the right direction. SWOT Analysis’s usefulness lies in the fact that it gives you clarity and the ability to adapt to changes.

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