How WorksLeader Can Help You With Better Distributor, Reseller, and Customer Collaboration

Better Distributor, Reseller

Better distributor, reseller, and customer collaboration provide significant value to the B2B eCommerce business and help the supply chain become more resilient. Businesses having advanced procurement functions are well aware of the limits to the value they tend to generate by focusing solely on pricing products and services they buy. They understand the benefits they will acquire when distributors, resellers, and customers cooperate and figure out new ways to unlock new sources of value.

For instance, when they work together to develop innovative products, they tend to boost revenue and profits. They take an integrated approach of optimizing the supply chain, redesigning the processes together to minimize waste and redundant efforts, or purchasing raw materials together.

Many organizations witnessed the benefit they acquired from this collaboration by using WorksLeader. They experienced higher growth, low operating costs, and greater profitability than their industry rivals. Let’s explore the ways how WorksLeader eCommerce software has helped the business with a better wholesale distributor, IT reseller, and customer collaboration.

What Is a WorksLeader?

What Is a WorksLeader

WorksLeader is a leading business management software that helps every B2B eCommerce business to manage daily activities effectively. The set of products they offer to all the B2B organizations includes an eCommerce store, Sales Quoting, Customer Relationship Management, Sourcing and Procurement, Catalog Management, Supplier Management, and much more.

They digitize and automate manual processes, thereby focusing on providing an effective work environment to the organization and its team.

Ways WorksLeader Help The Business With Better Distributor, Reseller, And Customer Collaboration

Ways WorksLeader Help

WorksLeader eCommerce software is a cloud-based all-in-one business management software that helps the organization to run the entire collaboration procedure from a single interface. The services they offer help them in managing all the core processes in one system.

Design B2B eCommerce Store

WorksLeader provides the organization with advanced eCommerce B2B builders that assist them in designing a great modern eCommerce store and making a prompt decision of going online. It delivers sturdy B2B features and a phenomenal customer experience.

  • They encompass a simple drag and drop function that assists the organization to create an eCommerce store without even knowing to code.
  • They have an in-built template library with fully customizable templates.
  • The templates are responsive to almost every device, be it desktop, mobile, or tabs.

These features enable them to manage the catalog efficiently. They make the product listing task effortless. It means that no matter how much product the business wants to add to the catalog, using four levels of categorization by CSV import, helps them to upload multiple products all together with all the attributes.

It allows customers to effortlessly find precise products using advanced search features. The features keep on evolving based on the user’s search history and pre-defined algorithms.

Also, it effectively simplifies the complexities of B2B eCommerce business by configuring their customer’s buying capacities. It helps in customer collaboration by creating rule-based Procurement workflows for manageable purchasing. It sets up purchasing limits for individuals, creates cost centers, and controls the budget of each of these centers.

Simplifies Sales Quoting

WorksLeader eCommerce solution provides the sales team with the best tool to create high-quality sales quotations efficiently. It also offers them a user-friendly, simple, and knowledgeable quotes and proposal software module that tend to combine the most complex quotations and proposals efficiently.

  • They add new customers and products to produce new quotes and proposals.
  • They categorize products to ensure better readability and quote history management with version control.
  • Their quoting solution supports all the leading third-party connections like wholesaler-distributors or IT resellers for automated data fetching. It calculates the price, tax, freight, discounts, and many more through the rules set by you.

These features help the organizations to create customized bundles and search or add pre-configured bundles from the catalog to the quote, thereby automating the prices of the complex products during quote creation.

Manages Product Catalog and Content

Product Catalog and Content is a very crucial aspect of B2B organization. So, WorksLeader provides them with eCommerce catalog management that is extremely sturdy and user-friendly. It allows users to effortlessly add or upload new products and manage the existing products. They offer a plethora of services, including content management, data upload, data updating, image processing, and maintenance. This way, they can manage an enormous amount of product data and ensure accurate and consistent product information in a systematic format.

WorksLeader also helps the organization to make necessary updates in the catalog at any time and anywhere. It is easy for the salespeople to create quotations and guide the customers to buy their products and services.

Also, you can create up to four levels of categories in classifying products. They work with the organization to acquire rich content, including product images, short and long descriptions, into your catalog.

Manages Supplier and Inventory

With WorksLeader, organizations can control supplier and inventory utility to ensure that every product and transaction is taken care of from the beginning to the end. It manages inventory, supplier, the procurement process, and purchase orders for B2B business, thereby ensuring that it grows continuously and increases sales.

WorksLeader provides an inventory management system that allows any B2B eCommerce business to customize its supplier information by product. The sellers can add one or multiple suppliers for every individual SKU along with cost and MSRP while adding catalog.

When a product is eventually brought to a store or a quote that is sent and gets converted into a Confirmed Sale, the business can automatically adjust the inventory by the number of items sold, thereby keeping real-time tabs on your inventory and enabling them to adjust it accordingly.

Improves Customer Relationship

WorksLeader improves customer relationships by providing CRM software that stores all customer-related information. It includes transactions related to carts, orders, and invoices.

It serves as a centralized information repository for delivering an enhanced customer experience. The CRM software allows effortless access to crucial information that can provide better customer service and boost customer satisfaction.

Better distributor, reseller, and customer collaboration bring more clarity to the sales pipelines. It helps them to automate tasks at every stage of the sales pipeline and gather and analyze sales information from a single central location. This way, organizations can improve productivity and sales.

The CRM software also provides vital information about the customers that can be used to engage customers with the products and services. It leaves a positive impact on the business when the organization addresses issues quickly using CRM.

Provide Effortless Procurement Process

When an organization streamlines its procurement process, it immediately converts quotes and carts into a sales order and then into a purchase order. The information of wholesale distributors ensures procurement managers that the product is obtained from the right source, without duplicity. It manages and tracks everything through the complete transaction lifecycle that includes order status or shipping from multiple IT resellers.

When a business sets up a confirmed cart or sales Quote, WorksLeader automatically creates and sends the Purchase Order to the best possible distributor. It helps them to save time by allowing them to set up approval criteria based on supplier, Purchase Order Value, Manufacturer and Warehouse, and any other relevant data.

Key Takeaway

Whether you are starting a B2B eCommerce business or already have one, business management software like WorksLeader plays a very crucial role. It manages its growth by documenting, optimizing, and improving organizational oversight. It is more than just a record of best practices for a business.

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