How WorksLeader Can Help You Manage Your Product Variants Without Any Hassles


Starting an online store is a big moment for any organization and every organization wants its store to be flawless. With modern tools, it has become quite easy to set up an eCommerce store and sell products online.

To maintain and run it smoothly, you need a good platform to start and run your B2B eCommerce business.

We at WorksLeader ensure that your B2B eCommerce runs smoothly online with our exceptional services.

With our eCommerce store builder, you can effortlessly start your online store and sell products online in no time. But that’s not all, our services go far beyond that. What sets your business apart from the competitors on the internet is how much attention to detail you give to your online store and products.
Worksleader pays attention to every little aspect of an eCommerce store such as product catalog management, product variants management, providing easy sales quoting solutions, and everything you need for a good eCommerce store.

About WorksLeader 

WorksLeader is a renowned all-in-one business management software specializing in B2B businesses.

As part of the WorksLeader product suite, you get an eCommerce store, Sales Quoting, CRM, Sourcing and procurement, catalog management and suppliers management, and much more.

With our B2B solutions, you can easily digitize and automate your B2B business.

What Are Product Variants? 

What Are Product Variants

With modern tools and technology, any B2B organization can start an eCommerce store in no time. Most of the eCommerce stores do serve the same purpose and that is to sell products online. However, a lot of them miss out on tiny details such as managing the product variants. But what are product variants?

You see, any eCommerce product has a unique definition of its own and it has its unique identifiers. There are instances when one product might just have a few variants that have a slight difference in the specifications. Such products are called product variants.

For example, a smartphone generally has various colors, RAM, and storage options. So when you configure different colors with different RAM and Storage, you get a lot of variants of the same smartphone.

Although the smartphone is still the same with the same name and other hardware and software components changing these aspects makes its variants that are unique products on their own.

B2B eCommerce organizations handle products in bulk and each eCommerce product generally has a lot of variants. That is because each client often has a little different need. So managing and listing them on the online store is crucial so that customers can find and buy product variants easily.

What many eCommerce stores miss out on is effectively organizing the product variants. They either list them as separate products or make them very hard to find.

By doing so, they degrade the user experience significantly as the customer has to spend more time finding a product variant.

With Worksleader’s effective B2B solutions and eCommerce store builder, you can easily manage your product variants on both the website and backend.

Why Pick WorksLeader for Your B2B ecommerce Store?

All-in-One Solution

All-in-One Solution

WorksLeader product suite provides you with all of the necessary services you need to operate a B2B eCommerce store. The services include eCommerce store builder, Sales Quoting solution, CRM, Sourcing and procurement, catalog management and suppliers management, and a lot more.

This makes it an all-in-one solution for any of your eCommerce-related requirements. It is always good to look for an all-in-one solution when it comes to your eCommerce store. That is because you get seamless integration of services and you also get great customer support.

eCommerce Builder

Ecommerce Builder

If you wish to follow the old method of building a website then it would include hiring developers, working with them on both frontend and backend, waiting for long periods. That is not an ideal way to start an eCommerce store in 2021.

With WorksLeader advanced B2B eCommerce builder, you can start building your eCommerce store without any formal knowledge of coding and all of the other technical babble.

All you need is your imagination and how you want your online store to look. You get all of these beautiful templates to select and then you can just use the drag and drop feature to add whatever you like on your online store.

We also ensure that all of our templates are highly responsive and properly optimized for mobile phones, tablets, and computers. So your site is always fast and snappy.

Also, WorksLeader is a complete Whitelabel solution meaning that you will always own your domain.

Product Catalog and Content Management

Product Catalog and Content Management

In general, no B2B organization sells only a single product online, right? So to sell products online your eCommerce store needs good product catalog management and content management.

This is where WorksLeader helps you manage your product variants easily. We make it simple and easy to add products to your eCommerce store. You get the option to add products one by one or just add multiple products at the same time.

With WorksLeader, you can also add two or more products together and create your long product bundles or configurations that will be available for purchase as well as in the search results. With this feature, you can easily manage your product variants on your eCommerce store.

With product catalog management, it becomes easy to add products and manage their product variants.

Easy Sales Quoting

Easy Sales Quoting

The above-mentioned features would have been sufficient for any B2C organization but B2B businesses also provide custom sales quotes to potential customers. For that, WorksLeader provides an effective sales quoting solution.

You can give your sales team the high-level tools that can create high-quality sales quotations efficiently. With our user-friendly quotes and proposal software module, you can quickly and effectively gather and make solid sales quotations and proposals.

You can easily add or import your product catalog without any hassle which again makes it easy to manage the product variants. Then you get customizable quote templates that can be used for different clients. If that wasn’t enough, you get multiple ways to share your sale quotes including Word, Excel, PDF, Web URL.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Selling an eCommerce product online is not just about listing it on the site with its variants. It goes way beyond and that includes backend processes such as inventory management.

With Worksleader’s intuitive inventory management software, you can easily manage your product inventory and keep a tab on which products are being sold. Whenever someone buys a product from your store or you confirm a sale via a quote, the software automatically adjusts the inventory.

Closing Phrase

So that was all about how Worksleader can help you manage your product variants without any hassle. WorksLeader provides extensive resources and services to maintain your eCommerce product catalog. By doing so it automatically manages the product variants with ease. It is always a good decision to go for an all-in-one solution for a better eCommerce online store.

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