How to Find the Right Distributor For Your B2B Business

find the right distributor

Distributors are relatively essential for a B2B business. Growth becomes arduous for an organization that does not have sufficient raw materials or manufacturers for its product. The right distributor for a b2b business can do more than just supply the materials and services it needs. They are significant sources of information that help the business in evaluating the potentiality of new products, track competitors’ actions, and determine promising opportunities.

Precise wholesale supply distributors can also become partners, enhance the product design, cut costs, and most importantly, fund new marketing efforts. Hence, for the smooth and efficient running of the business, it is essential to find a wholesale distributor.

Sometimes, a distributor directly contacts the company based on their product catalog, while the other time organizations have to locate them on trade shows, wholesale showrooms, or conventions, and through buyer’s directories, industry contacts, other B2B yellow pages, and trade journals or websites.

This blog will help you to find an appropriate distributor according to the requirements of your business.

How To Find The Right B2B Distributor

Understanding Distribution Channels

Not all distribution channels work best for the B2B business. Thus, it is significant to determine the most appropriate type of wholesale supply distributors before moving forward with their decision. The channel should be able to coordinate with the company’s overall mission and strategic vision, including its sales goals. It should add value to the customer.

Generally, distributors for b2b business are categorized into four groups:

  1. Manufacturers- Several B2B organizations directly purchase their product from the company’s salespeople or independent representative that manages the inventory of various other companies. Prices charged from this group of distributors are either low or vary on the location.
  2. Distributors- Distributors are also known as the wholesaler, brokers, or jobbers. They usually buy bulk products from multiple manufacturers and warehouses and sell them to retailers. Though they charge higher than the manufacturer, they tend to provide small orders from different manufacturers.
  3. Independent Craftspeople- Independent Craftspeople offer unique creation of products. They sell these products via sales rep or at trade shows.
  4. Import Sources- Several B2B organizations buy foreign goods from a domestic importer. These importers operate like domestic wholesalers.

Sometimes, organizations select manufacturers instead of distributors. But that doesn’t always happen. Manufacturers make bulk supplies that most businesses don’t need or can’t afford.

Research Their Reliability

Research Their Reliability

Reliability is the crucial factor to consider while an organization wants to find a wholesale distributor. Not all first impressions are the last ones. When you have narrowed down your choices to some distributors that are the best fit for your business, go for a background check.

It is also significant to know that accurate suppliers ship the right amount of products, in good shape, and in the given timeframe. Go for a distributor that reliably guarantees to provide a quality product and a good service.

Now you must be thinking about how to know the reliability of a supplier effortlessly?

It is sometimes skeptical to check the positive and negative reviews of the distributor. Any agreement and disagreement with a former client will be reflected in their reviews.

Also, good suppliers maintain good backup systems and sources so that they are well-prepared if something goes wrong. Sometimes, when you plan to deal with large distributors, it is a great idea to consider the small ones too. It is because small distributors tend to provide you with more attention and possibly better service and reliability.

Get Specific In Online Marketplaces

While doing online research, an organization should consider both the general wholesaler and distributor. So, it is advisable to base your online research on appropriate keywords.

Also, utilize a product catalog that includes the product name, model number, and brand name. This information helps you to analyze the right distributor for your B2B business. Use the email address and the phone number readily available on their website and consult them immediately for their services.

It is significant to keep a few points in mind while consulting the suppliers you have shortlisted:

  • Their onboarding process for new clients.
  • The flexibility in their current terms and conditions.
  • Are they going to provide you with a quote for the desired services?

This way, consulting multiple wholesalers assists you in making a better comparison in terms of the prices and their competitive quote.

Check B2B Marketplaces

Check B2B Marketplaces

You can buy vast bulk products at the lowest prices from multiple B2B marketplaces available online like You can also consider other marketplaces like the EC Plaza and EC21 of Korea, Busy Trade of Hong Kong, and Buyer Zone or Global Sources of USA. Always remember to look for a marketplace that serves your country or region. It is because there are other industry-specific marketplaces that deal with only one country or multiple retailers globally.

Consider Few Suppliers Too

For precise rates and more conducive terms, it is very essential to consider a few suppliers to choose from. It not only helps you in shortlisting the most appropriate distributor but also assists you in maintaining sturdy relationships with your customers. For instance, considering the suppliers that fit well with the B2B custom catalog enables you to choose the one you are looking for. So a handful of suppliers help the business afloat and make revenue look good.

Shipping Terms

shipping term

Shipping terms are a primary attribute that cannot be overstated. When a distributor fails to meet the shipping criteria, it tends to have negative consequences for your company. For example, a delay in the shipment process dramatically impacts the entire sales process. It leads to inquiries concerning refunds and customer dissatisfaction.

It is fundamental to select a distributor that will deliver the services like the appropriate package tracking and automating shipping updates. They can also accommodate any kind of needs a company has for their goods.

Firm Business Relationship

After successfully choosing an appropriate distributor for your B2B company, it is fundamental to establish a relationship based on trust. Trusting your supplier highly affects your business. However, trust is gained only when you are firm, open, and courteous with them. They should be aware of the things required for your business in the given timeframe.

Also, you need to have a particular understanding of the total cost and expect timely delivery. Communicate with the suppliers consistently related to the possible delays, potential substitution of materials and product line, product quality, product improvement, the introduction of new products, and potential savings.

Key Takeaway

Right distributors help the organization to maintain a well-qualified and well-trained salesforce and provide sufficient resources required for aggressive sales and marketing. They work their best to acquire market shares and other sales goals in a particular geographical and other sales responsibilities. They also look at the needs of the local market and stock the product accordingly.

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