B2B eCommerce Blueprint Part 3: How to Choose the Right Freight Partner for Delightful Order Deliveries?

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Launching an eCommerce business requires a lot of planning and forbearance. Thus, the most significant part is to select the right freight partner for your B2B eCommerce business. In today’s world of highly competitive online marketplaces, prompt order fulfillment provides the much-required edge to businesses. It can only be possible if you have the right freight partner.

A shopping experience is not entirely completed when the customer makes the payment but when they get the delivery of their orders on time and in good condition. A freight partner plays a vital role in meeting customer expectations and assists an eCommerce store in providing a better customer experience and growth. They manage the supply chain effectively, minimizes unnecessary costs, helps to deliver exceptional customer service, and focuses on core capabilities. With all these functions, a freight partner helps an organization gain a competitive advantage over its competitors.

This blog post covers all the tips you require to choose the right freight partner for your B2B eCommerce business.

How To Choose The Right Freight Partner For Delightful Order Deliveries?

Choosing an appropriate freight partner for your business is one of the most important decisions that an eCommerce business makes. To make things easier, here are a few tips that you must consider when selecting an eCommerce freight partner:

Have An In-Depth Knowledge About Your Products, Customers, And Competition

Products, Customers, And Competition

You must be aware of the difference between the products of your business and your competitors in terms of price, weight, and dimension. It is, therefore, possible if you keep a track of the number of items shipped every week. When you keep an in-depth knowledge of your competitors you can ascertain the correct pricing for freight services.

If you have an eCommerce business or you plan to start one, you should keep a tab on the data about delivery locations, delivery time of the customer, and what they are willing to pay for the order deliveries.

Why? This information impacts your decision to choose the right freight partner for your business. The services offered by the freight partner should be in alignment with the needs and preferences of your customer.

Ensure Serviceability

A growing eCommerce business is likely to have customers from all across the globe. It becomes essential for you to choose the freight partner that delivers the orders in a timely and cost-effective manner.

It has been reported that 43 percent of the customers want their products to be delivered faster.

So, it is the priority of the business to look at the speed of the delivery when selecting the freight partner.

Planning plays the most crucial role in picking the quickest and the cost-effective freight services. For instance, if you want to avoid any delays in the shipment, you can check in with your freight partner a week in advance.

There may be a possibility of delivery vehicles getting stuck in the traffic or tires falling flat. You must keep everything into consideration so that your products reach your customers efficiently and quickly.

Compare the Pricing Model of Each Freight Partner

Shipping cost is the most important factor to consider before choosing a freight partner for your business.

A report asserts that 43 percent of online shoppers abandon their carts due to high shipping costs.

Compare the pricing model of each freight partner. A lower price may tempt you, but it is not always a great option.

Cheap prices are often an indicator of poor service offerings, overstretched staff, and corner cuts. Keep an eye on the concealed surcharges on their pricing models and get the rates from reputable companies.

You can insist on transparency to safeguard your business from hidden costs. The billing list should include costs of warehousing, picking and packing, transportation, account setups, monthly minimums, and shipping.

If any of your desired freight partners match up to these factors, you are good to go.

Check for an Order Tracking Capability

A freight partner with tracking services drives transparency in the process of delivery. Ensure that your selected freight partner works with an appropriate tracking system.

As a B2B eCommerce store, you should know where your delivery package is located. It is the prime reason why your freight services should offer detailed tracking capabilities with accurate updates of your delivery packages. It also ensures timely delivery of the orders to the customers.

Packaging and Shipping Supplies

Packaging of the products enhances the brand value and ensures the quality of the product. If the products are packed in appropriate packaging, it protects the parcel throughout the process of shipment.

You can opt for proper packaging based on the requirements of temperature, refrigeration, and insulation. The shipment companies are liable for packaging, labeling, and shipping regulations related to the product. Before selecting the right freight partner, the business should ensure that they have in-depth knowledge about the packaging guidelines.

Examine the Performance Rate and Efficiency

An inefficient freight partner causes more harm to your business than not having a partner.

Examining the efficiency and performance rate of the freight company is another most important factor in the selection process for your B2B eCommerce business.

ECommerce businesses should opt for an established company with a good market reputation and provide multiple freight services, both locally and internationally. An efficient freight partner can also help you to grow the reputation of your business and meet the expectations of the consumer.

If you end up working with unreliable shipping partners, there is a possibility that you incur more losses or late delivery. It may even hamper the goodwill of your business in the market.

Elucidate your Requirement for Customer Service

A customer does not differentiate between the eCommerce store and the freight partner when taking the delivery of the products. So, it becomes vital to choose a freight partner that poses the best impression possible.

The B2B business should ensure that the freight partner has appropriate customer service options and answer all the queries related to the shipment of the product. You should select a trusted eCommerce shipping company that has significant years of experience.

Well Versed With the Technology Updates

Technology is changing at a rapid rate and you see innovations every year. It is true in the case of the freight partners as well. The incorporation of technological advantages into the business boosts the business functionality, thereby minimizing the operating costs and enhancing the efficiency of the delivery processes.

Businesses should look for a freight partner who is always updated with the latest technological changes. It will streamline the operational flow of the eCommerce business, communicate diligently with customers via order status notifications, and provide a comprehensive experience to the end-user.

Check for any Special Shipping Services

Find out if your selected freight partner provides any additional services. Some shipping companies offer a plethora of services like order tracking, packaging, labeling, eCommerce fulfillment, warehouse management, and logistics. It would be best for the eCommerce companies to consider all these services when selecting the right freight partner for delightful order deliveries.

It is the responsibility of the eCommerce store to certify that the shipping partner supports all the special services when transporting your valuable goods.

Key Takeaways

When a B2B eCommerce business selects the freight partner who can fulfill all the needs of their shipment processes, values timely delivery of the products, has a great network connection across the globe, stays updated with the latest technologies, and focuses entirely on the development of the supply chain management, it ensures the success and growth of the business.
Now that you have understood how to select the right freight partner, you are all set for your eCommerce store.

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