A Step-by-Step Guide to Create your eCommerce Store with WorksLeader

eCommerce Store with WorksLeader

Do you want to start your eCommerce store because eCommerce has seen tremendous growth in recent years and there have been a lot of new business opportunities for people to sell products online and make good profits? Do you want to know how to set up an online shopping business?

With WorksLeader, starting an eCommerce store is a seamless and smooth experience. For users who are wondering how to start an eCommerce business with WorksLeader, this is the perfect guide. In this guide, you will learn how to start your online store with WorksLeader and then grow your business online.

About WorksLeader

WorksLeader is a leading platform when it comes to providing B2B eCommerce solutions. With our stellar experience in the B2B industry, we help our customers to create their own B2B eCommerce stores and grow their business online.

WorksLeader’s parent company has been working in the B2B industry for over 20 years and has dealt with over 5,000 B2B businesses over the years. We aim to empower our users by providing them with all the necessary tools to start an online business and grow it over time.

Starting an Online Shop with WorksLeader

Starting an online business can become challenging, and for people who do not have a lot of technical expertise on how to get an online store started, things can get a little overwhelming for them.

That’s exactly where WorksLeader comes into the picture and provides you with the best B2B eCommerce store builder. Using our eCommerce builder, you can start your online store in no time.

1. Pick a Domain Name

Pick a Domain Name

You can get domain names from all kinds of different sites, like GoDaddy.com or Namecheap.com.

When getting a domain name, though, keep in mind a couple of things. This is going to represent your site and your company. So it should be easy to spell,

easy to remember and a bonus if it contains the keyword that you’re trying to target.

For instance, if you want to sell peanut butter on your site, a good name might be 

peanutbutter.com or even peanutbutterlovers.com. Because if Google sees that peanut butter is in the title of your domain name, it’s more likely to rank you higher up in Google when people are searching for things like peanut butter.

But at the same time, you want to try to keep your URL or your domain name as short as possible because it’s easier to remember and it seems more professional.

2. Set Up Your Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Once you’ve set up a recognizable domain name, it’s time to set up the shop. The process involves three steps:

i. Creating an Account

This requires you to fill in your details like email, password, store name.

You’ll then be taken through an account set-up process that includes your key business details and inputting your address so you can get paid.

Finally, you’ll have to choose your Worksleader plan. Select as per your goal. For short-term business, a free trial would be good. But if you plan to stay with the platform, it’s good to take a long-term plan.

ii. Customize Your Shop

Now it’s time to get the logistics in place. Start by setting up your payment provider. WorksLeader can easily integrate with third-party payment services like PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, etc.

Then you have to configure the checkout process. It involves setting refund policies, terms of services, and privacy policies in motion.

Next comes shipping settings. Here you have to specify if you’ll use a dropshipping model or fulfillment service. Set your shipping rates, add label and package sizes, and add 3rd party shipping partners here.

iii. Google Analytics

Analytics and data tracking are the key parts of eCommerce. And Google Analytics is by far the best tool for that.

Create a retargeting audience with Google Analytics and link it to Google Adwords. Additionally, you should create a Facebook Ads account and set up a retargeting cookie for your WorksLeader store.

3. Choose The Theme Of Your Store

Theme Of Your Store

Choose the perfect look for your online store. Now, don’t go out there and spend thousands of dollars for somebody to design a website for you. Worksleader’s eCommerce store builder has aesthetic themes and templates that don’t need you to beat the bank.

Our theme library ranges from a couple of bucks to a hundred. But if you want to go the free route, we have free templates that can help you start without any overheads. You’ll still have full control and you’ll be ready to go live and start selling.

4. Upload Your Products With Proper SEO

Proper SEO

Here comes the fundamental reason for this entire process, selling your products and getting them noticed too.

Let’s walk you through the basics of adding a product on Worksleader:

  1. Access the Admin Dashboard of our eCommerce Builder. Once you’re in, hover your mouse to the Products section on the left and Select Add New on the options.
  2. Add your Product Name After you indicate a product name, it will automatically generate a Permalink for your product.
  3. Next, add product description, and data. If you want your product to be on sale, just indicate the sale price and the effective dates.
  4. In the inventory section. Indicate the SKU of the item and set the stock status. You can also let WorksLeader track your stocks. Just check the Manage stock box and indicate how many items you have on your inventory. It is up to you.
  5. Next is to add weight and dimensions along with product attributes, categories, tags, and images. Remember to add the alt text, title, description, and caption to the product image. This will help your SEO.
  6. Once you have added a product image, you can preview your listing under the Publish section. Just click preview. If you’re okay with it, click the publish button to publish the listing. Your listing is now live.
Make It Legal

After your products and payment gateways are live, you have to legalize all operations as per the government regulations. And everyone gets hung up on this and thinks it’s really hard to start an online business legally. But with WorksLeader, it’s a breeze.

Here’s a quick guide to what you need to do:

  1. First, you have to file for an EIN Number. Employee Identification Number or EIN identifies your business for tax purposes. You can apply for an EIN online, by mail, or by fax.
  2. After that, file for the State Seller’s Permit in whatever state you live in. And that’s only so you can pay the taxes.
  3. And the last step is to create a business entity. The most recommended ones are DBA or an LLC. An LLC provides more protection, but it’s a lot more expensive. As for a DBA, it doesn’t offer much protection but allows you to create a business account, bank account, credit card, etc.

5. Getting The Customers To Your Website – Most Overlooked and Important Part!

Now, this is where online store owners tend to freeze. Lead Generation does not have a one-size-fits-all strategy. You have to extend your marketing and customer acquisition efforts through different channels.

Here’s a quick guide on how to attract customers through 9 different marketing channels:

i. SEO

We already talked about how SEO helps your products get visibility and free traffic to your website.

ii. Content Marketing

Creating unique, interesting content like articles, blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, YouTube videos helps you attract customers for free.

iii. PR

You can use Public Relations (PR) to feature in newspapers, magazines, radio shows, or podcasts. It’s trying to go be a guest or get articles written about you on another media.

iv. Social Media

Whatever social media channel is popular in your niche, use that. Create community groups on Facebook, Reddit, or Quora and use that to drive traffic to your website.

v. Adwords

Adwords are search text ads. So basically anytime a customer searches for a keyword in Google, you can show them an Adwords ad. They can click on the ad and come to your website.

vi. Product Listing Ads

Product listing ads specifically show a product on your website. There’s also a product listing edge that specifically shows a product, a price tag so that people can see your product before they click on the ad.

When they click on it they’re more likely to be in the purchasing mindset because they already saw what your product looks like and they already saw a price tag.

vii. Use Influencers

Not only can they take great pictures of your product but these influencers will also post on their social media profiles which will give you even more followers and eventually customers.

viii. Display Ads

You can use Google’s ad network to get your banners all across the web. Some websites will even let you pay a little bit to put a banner on their website and if it’s a niched-down website that might be a good option for you.

ix. Retargeting Ads

This is probably the best way to spend your money online. These are the ads that when someone comes to your website, anywhere they go online, your ads will follow them.

These ads work great because they already know about your website but maybe they haven’t purchased it yet. And so by seeing your ads again and again they’ll come back to your website and eventually make the purchase.

Grow Your eCommerce Store With Us!

So, that’s it on how you can get your online store up and running on WorksLeader. Now, you have a step-by-step process from setting up your seller’s account to customizing the design of your website and finally the marketing strategies to attract customers.

You can watch the demo from our site or you can also opt for the free trial. On top of that, if you have any questions, our representatives are available at any time.

The entire process of starting an online store with WorksLeader is easy and seamless. If you are looking to start an online business, WorksLeader is the best platform for you.

Start your eCommerce journey today with WorksLeader and grow your business online.

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