8 High-Impact Strategies to Increase eCommerce Website Traffic

eCommerce Website Traffic

So, you have finally taken the big step! You have zeroed on your niche and decided to finally establish your very own eCommerce website. But now what? If you think your work here is done and you are free to sit back and enjoy watching the money roll in, we are sorry to break your bubble. In all sincerity, you have just taken the first step of establishing a successful eCommerce business. It is a long way to go from here. Running a successful eCommerce business is not as easy as it seems. It comes with layers and levels of refinement that you need to do, to establish a successful business out of it.

So what does it all depend on? You guessed it right, the success rate for any business purely depends on the regular shoppers it is targeting. And attracting an audience to your website needs some critical strategies tailored to drive and optimize traffic.

In a scenario, more often than not, your new online business is competing with brands that have an already established position in the marketplace. These brands could be Amazon, eBay, or any other big name. It is not that they have some magic wand or tool and that they have established from the ground up focusing on their competitions and building their businesses under their respective niches.

So what is it that you can do for your business to be successful in the eCommerce space? Well, don’t worry, as, in this blog, we will cover all the ways that can help you strategically increase your eCommerce website traffic. But first, let us learn more about traffic and how traffic conversion can help your business reach new milestones.

Strategies to Increase eCommerce Website Traffic

What is Traffic Conversion?

Traffic Conversion

After opening an eCommerce store, the number one priority for any business should be to bring more and more traffic to their websites. When we say traffic, we mean nothing but website visitors. These visitors can play a huge role in several things. The more visitors you have, the more you can know about your website and improve upon some factors. Getting to know your visitors helps you determine your traffic quality and improve your eCommerce website conversion.

To drive more traffic, you do things that are as simple as interacting majorly with your local audience. It could help you generate more leads and add new customers. The general idea of having more leads is that leads impact traffic. It becomes easy for you to identify which visitors are interested in your products and buy in the increasing traffic.

Your eCommerce website conversion rate is a direct report card of your website. It helps you understand whether your business strategy is a failure or a success. It enables you to determine which market tactics favor you in generating more sales. It can give you an insight into your market campaigns and sales process and how you can refine them to get the best out of your business.

But before all this, what is important is generating those leads and conversions to work towards the refinement of your business. So, without further delay, let us know the top 8 high-impact strategies that could help you generate traffic and leads in marketing.

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Use the power of social media

With the whole world now practically living and scrolling on social media every day, having a social media account can do wonders for your eCommerce website traffic. It can help you spread your word like wildfire to promote your business. You can make your business profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with just a few clicks.

The hype around social media not only pertains to a large number of audiences it caters to but as the platforms are growing, Facebook and Instagram have also realized how many businesses land onto their platform to reach a wider audience and find their community. And, that is why it makes sense to build a social media presence.

You need to be regular and keep posting blog posts, stories, and products relevant to your business. But wait, do not forget to add a little bit of spice to them. There are hundreds of companies in the social media space, and what catches a scroller’s eye is trendy and attractive posts. You can do so in many ways. Some witty phrases, new styles, and techniques could help you lure visitors to your website. And once you have established a regular stream of visitors, you can further engage with them on a more personal level. Thus, generating traffic and leads in marketing on the social media apps.

So, jump into the social media game, and do not forget to add as many relevant hashtags to find people searching for specific keywords. Interact with your audience, answer questions, reply to their comments, and do not forget to check your DMs.

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Optimize your website with SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is probably the heart and soul of any website. According to a top SEO software company study, organic searches can drive as much as 51% of traffic to your website. This opens a whole new opportunity for you to use SEO optimization as much as possible to increase your eCommerce website traffic.

You can do so by following some strategies to drive online shoppers to discover your online business through basic searches. One of the most prominent ways to achieve this is by using relevant keywords in your website content. You can find many tools online- paid and free, which could help you find the perfect keywords for your business. Along with that, you can write more clear meta descriptions for your website, enhance title tags on all your pages, include quality backlinks, and increase the page load speeds. Ticking all these off your list could help you see a significant difference in the organic visitors that land on your store.

Blog Posts and Content Marketing

Another significant way of generating lead impact traffic is content writing. As the markets expand, a wide range of audiences like to browse the products before making a purchase. You can easily give this service to your visitors while also maintaining and generating healthy traffic to your website.

You can aim to push out blogs that are elaborate and informative. Highly SEO-based keywords can elevate your website ranking to the top. This allows ranking higher using relevant keywords.

An interactive blog with actionable words and timelines can help you increase the click-through rate performance. Stick to catchy titles (you can take inspiration from us), and you will see a lot of traffic landing at your doorstep.

The beauty of content marketing is that there are no limits, and you can be as creative as possible. Along with writing about your products and services, you can also produce content that revolves around your niche. You can formulate and target your audience for such content. This boosts the credibility and trust of your business. A regular daily, weekly, or even monthly blog can increase your website performance and help you generate traffic and leads in marketing.

Email Marketing

In the eCommerce business world, what is traffic conversion without email marketing? It holds the potential to offer the maximum personal touch to your customers. Connecting with your buyers by landing straight in their inbox can guarantee you better conversion rates compared to any other way. Checking inboxes has become a daily chore for an average person in today’s world. So, why not make use of it? We do not recommend you go all gaga and fire all sorts of emails to your customers. This would do more harm than good. But you are more than welcome to formulate ideas and include personal touches in your emails which could help you with maximum leads and conversions.

You can start by sending random fun facts, personalized updates about complementary products, recent sales and discounts, and store additions. Along with this, you can tag along and couple elements from your social media with videos and links.

According to a recent survey, about 80% of businesses agreed that email marketing is their greatest weapon for customer retention.

So why not get your hands dirty in this arena and try to get the lead impact traffic?

Search Engine Marketing

Remember the old days when we learned about a new product through TV ads? Well, that kid has grown now. And today, it has taken the shape of digital paid ads in the form of search engine marketing. With almost everyone landing at least once a day on search engines, it just makes sense that it can be one of the quickest ways to reach a more extensive set audience. You can run your ads on platforms like Google Ads that provide a phenomenal rate of crowd visibility. There are different forms like videos, images, and text-based ads that could catch your potential customer’s eye.

It could not only reach your target audience faster but help you drive traffic in a shorter amount of time. Optimized ads that focus on the target audience are proven to drive more customers to your website than just SEO.

Make use of Influencer Marketing

Today, from the most established brand names to the upcoming ones trying to establish their space, all are utilizing the power of influencers. Social media platforms have made influencers the new celebrities of the digital world. People look up to these influencers for their product reviews and experiences. And their ability to reach a large audience is what makes them a viable asset for your brand. A lot of influencers accept brand collaborations and PR services. You can easily choose the ones that fit your domain and arena and send some of your products for reviews and share their opinions. This helps you tap into their fanbase to flush out the potential customers for your business.

Start small and climb up your way to build more powerful influencer collaborations. Remember to be genuine to the influencers on your list and gather honest reviews. Honesty plays an essential role in such situations. It will not be long before fake reviews and comments can be identified by your audience, resulting in a negative effect.

Generate Follow Backlinks

If you want to increase the organic eCommerce website traffic, generating follow backlinks can be an apt tool for you. This can be done by guest posting on higher domain authority websites. You can go and write on Medium.com or several other websites and attach backlinks for your website and product pages. Not only does it help you in generating traffic and leads in marketing, but it could be a helpful way to attract highly convertible traffic. You can also participate in referral contests hosted by many bloggers and add backlinks to your pages and blogs.

Giveaways and rewards

If you are more of a fan of word-of-mouth publicity, giveaways are the best shot for you. While a few giveaways might not make much of a dent in your products warehouse, they would help create lead impact traffic. Referral points and rewards are easy to get people to start talking about your website. Don’t believe us? Remember the last time you got Google Pay rewards and opened the mentioned website? That is what we are talking about.

You can host a creative and well-designed contest and send alerts. You can even make use of your social media platforms to generate curiosity in people. Not only this, a simple sign-up form for potential visitors could help you add them to your email marketing pipeline.


Generating traffic and leads in marketing eCommerce can be a tricky task. But once you get hold of it, it could help you drive a significant amount of eCommerce website traffic. You can try to implement a couple of strategies from the above-listed ones. You can even mix and match a few and stick to what works best for your brand. So why wait? Get going and make your business a brand to reckon with in the eCommerce sector!

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