5 Ways to Enhance Your User Experience Using Automated Sales Quoting Tool

Automated Sales Quoting Tool

Are you spending too much time making sales quotations? Or did you hurry up the process resulting in too many errors?

No matter how good your sales call or face-to-face meeting with your prospect went, you need to follow up by sending a quote. This quote is not just a document with some details and prices on it – it is the one document that can make or break your deal.

To simplify the sales quoting process, you need a tool that is more than just a word processor or document creator. You need an automated sales quoting tool. Apart from accuracy, it enhances your user experience too.

How? Read to find out.

What is a Sales Quote?

Before learning the benefits of quotation automation on user experience, let’s just get over the basics first. Shall we?

A sales quote is a document submitted to a potential buyer by a supplier or reseller before beginning a business deal or transaction. The document contains details on all products or services and their respective costs along with other terms and conditions for the sale. It is a formal statement outlining every detail of the business transaction. Once the buyer accepts the quote, they are committed to purchasing the said products or services.

By now, you have probably guessed what a sales quoting tool does. It is a computer application or software that helps you to quickly generate professional sales quote. It streamlines and automates the entire sales quoting process allowing you and your team to spend less time on proposals, quotes, and other paperwork. This will help you to achieve more success with your business as you and your team will have plenty of time to spend on other productive tasks.

5 ways you can enhance your user experience using the Automated Sales Quoting Tool

Apart from the list of items that your buyer wishes to buy and their prices, a sales quote will have many other elements. Quotation’s name, name and contact details of both the buyer and seller, logo and brand name of the seller, date of issue, validity, quote number, break up of taxes, signatures, terms, and conditions, and the list goes on. You need to make sure that all these details are accurate with no room left for ambiguity.

Using an automated sales quoting system not only helps you achieve accuracy but enhances your user experience too. How? Let’s see.

Configure your products


When you are running a business, you will have to cater to multiple clients on multiple projects and deals. Even though there can be no changes once a quote is accepted, there will be many situations where you have to update your existing products, pricing or introduce new ones. Imagine doing that in a word document and mailing it to your clients!

A quoting system helps you to not only add new products and update existing ones in real-time but also allows you to configure your products for different clients. You can change the currency according to the location, personalize by offering discounts for certain products to specific customers, keep track of current product stock, upsell or cross-sell your services, form product, and service bundles or packages, and any other product configuration you need.

Apart from these configurations, some sales quotation systems are powered by Artificial Intelligence that offers a great level of personalization to your clients. AI recommends products and pricing based on customer preferences.

Access to all the information

To configure different products to different clients in different proposals, you need access to all the information. Be it information on inventory, various products, and their variations, services offered and their different tiers, previous quotes, etc, a sales professional needs instant access to them all.

Having access to all information is not enough. Even though each sales quote is different, there will be quite a few common details to be filled in that can be auto-filled when you use an automated sales quoting tool. Also, you can have various templates for different types of quotations that simplify the sales quoting process.

A quoting tool not just provides you with information, it ensures accuracy with zero errors. Apart from prices and other numbers, automation ensures that the correct details are present without any spelling mistakes.

Create visually appealing documents

Create visually appealing document

It is not enough if you have got all the right information on your quotation. As you already know, the document can make or break a deal. So, you need to make sure that your sales quote looks very professional. Because a visually appealing document helps you to get the first impression.

And it’s not just about the aesthetics. Some clients have their preferences with the document format. With a quoting system, you can easily create and use different templates and export the documents in different file formats. It can be in the form of a PDF, text file, spreadsheet, PowerPoint or Google slides presentation, web page, or can be formatted to a mobile device. This will save you a lot of time on text formatting and other tedious tasks.

Integrate with CRM and other tools

A sales quote is more than just a document. To run your business smoothly and quickly, you will have to integrate the relevant details into different tools like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), accounting software, project management tools, etc.

Quoting tool allows you to take the sales data from the documents and convert them into meaningful information for different business management tools. Also, if you need any data from other tools to be included in your sales quote, you can achieve that too.

Integration is not just limited to different tools within your organization. It helps your sales team to collaborate with other teams in the organization and the clients as well. If the clients need any changes, updates can be done quickly. Not to mention the ability to electronically sign the documents by both parties.

Track your proposals and deliver on time

Track your proposal

No matter the field of your business, you will have a lot of competition. You are not the only seller out there. Your potential buyer probably has other sellers like you sending quotations. To increase your chances of winning the deal, you need to deliver on time. Automation helps you to quickly generate and send your sales quotes.

Apart from providing the best and personalized deals, you can stay ahead in the game by keeping track of your quotes. You don’t always have to set reminders on your phone to send a follow-up email.

Tracking is not just about reminding your prospects to respond. It involves keeping the sales department and every stakeholder up to date on the status of the quote. Also, with built-in analytics and reporting, you can modify your future quotes based on the product demand and customer behavior. This will help you to address any bottlenecks.

Other benefits

Apart from enhancing your user experience, automated sales quoting tool has other benefits. It speeds up your quoting process, increases your and the team’s productivity, establishes transparency, gives you the control to lock down pricing and set pricing rules, gets you more sales, shortens your sales cycle, reduces costs, lowers various risks, generates more revenue, etc. And the best part – grows your business.


The main intention of technology and its various inventions is to make our tasks smoother and quicker. And that’s what an automated sales quoting tool does. Apart from getting the tasks done, such tools enhance your user experience as well.
If you are not already using a quoting system, it’s about time that you started using one. Go out on the internet, research, and implement quotation automation by choosing the application that would suit your needs.

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