5 Great B2B eCommerce Ideas To Get You Started

B2B eCommerce Ideas

The world belongs to the internet and we are all just living in it. The Internet has been a revolution in itself, it has opened the world to a million more opportunities. One of the best things the Internet did to the world was – eCommerce.

eCommerce is the process of buying and selling products and services online, over the internet. It is synonymous with a hub of online business ideas, hundreds and thousands of them together.

There are too many reasons why eCommerce is going to blow up the markets. Well, eCommerce is a goliath industry, so no wonder why it has tentacles spread in almost every field.

It can enable startups and large-scale businesses to enhance their revenue through an online customer base.

A study states that the global eCommerce sales amounted to almost 3.5 trillion dollars worldwide in 2019, proving how eCommerce is one of the most increasingly lucrative options for businesses.

The perpetual growth of B2B eCommerce is super exciting and beneficial to business owners. The ever-evolving trends are in an attempt to make global shopping accessible, any customer in any part of the world can buy anything.

Statistics suggest that B2B buyer appetite for digital ordering tools is increasing. More than 70% of the B2B buyers find buying from a website more convenient than buying from a sales rep.

No doubt with the B2B eCommerce markets proliferating rapidly, the surge in supply and demand of products online shows how the future of businesses lies in eCommerce.

Well, here are two reasons (out of many) why eCommerce is the future of B2B businesses-

Improved User Experiences

When a user comes to an online platform they look forward to having some exceptional and interesting user experiences. Easy workflows, interface clarity, a higher number of eye-appealing graphics, and some testimonials.

Technology has a huge role to play and has also been very trusted by users now. The tech-savvy users are constantly looking for newer features. Such improved user experiences make people buy more often through the websites, resulting in higher sales.

The Speed and the Flexibility

To set up a brick-and-mortar business is a very time-consuming process. Space, location, legal processes, storefront set-up all of these take a lot of time and resources.

On the other hand, eCommerce businesses can be set up and running in just a few days.

When compared to physical businesses, eCommerce offers a lot of services in no time. Bringing in new products, marketing strategies, a lot of such other things become very easy and quick through eCommerce.

Not to forget, eCommerce makes your life very flexible in general. It gives you the ability and the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime.

Now that we know that B2B eCommerce is a great idea, let’s move on to some online B2B business ideas. There are a lot of online B2B business ideas and B2B business opportunities, but you need to know which ones to choose.

We have narrowed down this search to 5 great B2B eCommerce or B2B startup ideas that will get your business rolling.

5 great B2B eCommerce or B2B startup ideas 

1. Industrial products

Industrial products

Even though a lot of industrial product-based companies are still the brick and mortar types, the potential benefits of eCommerce are clear and distinctly visible in this field too. There are a few companies that have cracked and aced the process of selling an industrial product online.

While numerous industrial companies do have their eCommerce websites set up, they struggle to embrace the right strategies because of the complexities related to the management of sales for industrial products.

Industrial products are like a major growth sector for the economy with diverse companies engaged in various sectors like machinery, automated technology products, metal products, etc. The procreation of innovative digital technologies will result in higher productivity rates in the overall business.

Digital upskilling and letting businesses shift to eCommerce rank as one of the top strategies to maximize profits. A few strategies like the appropriate pricing implications, sales management, distribution funnels, supply chain management need to be meticulously taken care of. All in all, the eCommerce B2B industrial product is a great B2B startup idea and is also a great B2B business opportunity for established companies.

2. Textile Products

Textile Products

It’s been quite some time since the whole textile industry has made a significant mark in eCommerce. The current scenarios show us how the whole textile industry has a very prosperous and bright future.

A trustworthy, efficient, and reliable B2B textile e-store can have a very positive impact on the whole buying and selling process for wholesalers and retailers. Diverse eCommerce applications can be used to the fullest which will offer benefits like management of real-time inventory, higher productivity, maximized profits, tapping new markets, and a lot more.

Once the right needs of the markets are understood, B2B textile products have immense potential. B2B textile products have a lot of demand in the market and therefore are a great B2B business opportunity.

3. Medical Supplies

Medical Supplies

Selling B2B medical supplies is one of the best eCommerce store ideas. In the past two years, we have seen how a virus and its fatal widespread effects affected millions of lives around the world. The virus was a harsh eye-opener of how health care is one of the most significant industries of all time.

A study by BusinessWire suggests- “The global healthcare marks are set to cross $11.9 trillion by the end of 2022.” 

The pharmaceutical and medical space in recent years has seen massive growth. It is a great idea for B2B markets. With the demand for medical supplies proliferating constantly, it is clear that there is both a need and a want for these products.

The whole idea of having an online store that sells medical supplies is a great B2B business idea and a B2B business opportunity that will surely pay off well in the coming years.

Various medical fields require different types of equipment and material. A successful business would be easy to use and fulfills the needs of all medical fraternities.

4. Electronic Supplies

Electronic Supplies

A lot of people worry about setting up an online store of electronic supplies fearing the competition. But, the B2B business idea of selling electronic supplies through eCommerce is worth the investment.

The demand for electronic gadgets is very high, so a reliable and efficiently built eCommerce store can surely do wonders. Some sources mention eCommerce electronic supplies stores see 5x more revenue growth than their competitors.

Some of the major benefits of it are an expanded market share, a future-proof business, an automated business, and an improved customer experience. If the business is set up in the right way, electronic supplies are a great B2B startup idea too.

5. Office Supplies

Office Supplies

Office supplies store is undoubtedly a great B2B business opportunity. In every office of the world, there is a minimum number of supplies needed. Hardware, stationery, furniture, so on and so forth.

If you are an entrepreneur or anyone who has been actively involved in the process of setting an office up, you know how difficult it is to manage 10 different vendors.

This management also becomes a problem because keeping a tab of cost variations is tough. What if you build a platform where all these office supplies are available? A platform where everything could be managed on a single dashboard.

This platform could be a B2B eCommerce office supplies company helping various corporations to automate and source all their office needs. By integrating some features like bulk orders, volume pricing, and a mobile-friendly experience, this B2B office supplies idea could be one of the best eCommerce store ideas.

Final thoughts

Other great ideas could also include telecom and automobile products that have some crazy demand and will surely get your business rolling. Some features like a real-time inventory update, detailed product information, reliable payment portals, reorder functionalities and flexible checkouts are some must-haves when building an eCommerce platform of any type.

All in all, eCommerce business ideas will serve as a great headstart for your journey towards success. Great business ideas need to be backed by the right execution and ideation. So research, analyze, implement and get set on your journey of building a great B2B eCommerce business model.

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