15 eCommerce Hacks that will Double your Conversion Rate

eCommerce hacks

According to Sources, there exist an average of 47 billion websites on the internet with more being created every day. These figures might make you give up on the eCommerce business, but hear me out.

A study has shown, less than one million of these websites that exist online sell more than $1,000 annually.

To exist on the Internet is easy but to have a good conversion rate and make sales is a task. 

Great conversion rates are no rocket science, they are basically understanding consumer psychology and being able to sell like a dream.

In this read, we will help you figure out 15 hacks that will aid your eCommerce business drive conversions and having higher revenues and profits.

15 eCommerce Hacks that will Double your Conversion Rate

Double your Conversion Rate

Boosting your conversion rates is one of the best ways to generate higher revenues and profits. A lot of businesses miss out on these simple hacks that could have a great impact on their eCommerce business and get the money flowing into their sales department.

Speed is the key

Your page loading speed is one of the most essential parameters that your eCommerce business needs to consider in the process of conversion rate optimization.

Sources have stated, if your website takes longer than 2 seconds to open up, 53% of your customers will lose interest and bounce.

The quicker a webpage loads, the more likely a user becomes to perform the targeted action on your website.

Test your speed

There are various tools available that can help your eCommerce business determine the speed of your website and other such insights. These tools enable you to focus on the analytics and figure out the baseline speed of your website. These tools show you a lot of important metrics like server response time which make your process to betterment easier.

Upgrade your hosting plan

Always make sure you are on the highest-performance hosting plan. These hosting plans will help your eCommerce business accommodate more traffic and work faster. The extra dollar here will yield great results for sure.

Optimization of media

Image compressors and other such free or paid tools can be used to optimize all kinds of media on the web and the phone. TinyPng will help you with compressing the images without degrading the quality and still make your website work faster. Your eCommerce business can also consider using a CDN (content delivery network) to optimize the speed and drive conversions.

Focus on SEO and CRO

While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the tool that leads traffic to your website, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) plays an important role in making the results meaningful. For example, SEO will help you rank on the keyword “book a workshop”, a well-built CRO tactic will enable your eCommerce business in increasing the sales percentage and have lesser abandoned carts.

SEO and CRO together can help an eCommerce business drive conversions and increase revenues and profits. The best part is that both go hand-in-hand. SEO optimizes the content in order to have higher search rankings whilst CRO optimizes the content for the end-users to drive them to complete the call to action.

While using SEO and CRO together, there are three important things you need to keep in mind.

  1. The keywords and the on-page SEO
  2. The quality of the content provided
  3. The user and the usage data

Various tools and extensions, both free and paid, are available on the internet that can aid your eCommerce business get better at SEO and CRO practices.

Optimization for all devices

eCommerce businesses need to have responsive design schemes. This means a design that will automatically “respond” to fit the device of the user, phone, or desktop. If this is done right, the user experience can be optimized by minimizing the need to resize, scroll, or any other actions.

Pages should load quickly and fit the device right. An ill-formatted design can be a major turn-off. A “mobile-first” design strategy can surely be a path to increased sales and revenue with a better conversion rate.

How can your eCommerce business be ready for mobiles?

  1. Build a responsive design scheme
  2. Google seems to be promoting mobile indexing, so keep in mind the SEO

Have a better copy

A website copy or the call-to-action copy has to be compelling and provoking. When it comes to increasing sales and revenue along with a higher conversion rate, your eCommerce business needs to ensure a stellar copy. Your CTA has to be the one that gathers the most attention.

Here are a few quick tips to write an effective call-to-action

  1. Use more action words
  2. Create a sense of urgency and scarcity
  3. Focus on the value that is provided
  4. Invite the readers to click on it
  5. Get a personal touch
  6. Foster a sense of curiosity and anticipation
  7. Avoid the usage of any friction words

A good copy should be able to tackle three major challenges faced by any eCommerce site-

  1. Keeping the users informed
  2. Driving more action through the call-to-action
  3. Fostering better relationships

Now that we know what challenges a copy has to overcome, let us look at some tips that will help your eCommerce business have a better copy.

  1. Have a clear purpose set in your mind
  2. Know what is your target audience, who are you writing the copy for?
  3. Write powerful headlines
  4. Deliver quality information
  5. Creating a sense of urgency
  6. Complete the A/B testing

Higher-quality visuals

The Internet is a visual space and the right kind of visuals make a huge difference in the eCommerce conversion rate. When a customer is shopping online, they can’t touch what they are buying, so all the convincing has to happen through the right visuals.

Written text alone won’t be able to drive conversions. Your eCommerce business needs to include as many pictures and videos as possible to deliver the right information to your audience and help them clearly understand what the product is.

Take maximum possible pictures from various angles. Trust me on this, delivering all the information possible and transparency is the definite answer to “how to increase revenue”.

Improved store navigation

As easy as possible.

If you are looking to drive conversions plus increase sales and revenue, make sure your site’s functionality is easy and seamless. The faster they will find the products they’re interested in, the higher are the chances of conversion.

Social Proof

Trust goes a long way. If people are buying from you, let everyone around know, this is how you’ll attract more of them.

Did you know, adding product reviews and ratings as part of social proof on your eCommerce site can help you improve your conversion rates by 270%?

These kinds of social proof act as a reassurance for your customers helping them make come to buying decisions faster.

What these social proof notifications also do is, create FOMO. the “fear of missing out”. This will make the visitors feel like they’re missing out on something and encourage them to buy. These hacks like FOMO can help your eCommerce business turn a window shopper into a buyer, and that is the power it holds.

A Simplified Checkout Process

The checkout process is the last stage of closing a sale. In a lot of cases, if the checkout form is too long with a lot of required fields, visitors might just abandon their carts and leave. A very easy way out of this is to have a minimum number of fields in the checkout form, ask for the ones that are required. For a better conversion rate optimization, you will have to implement this.

Another way to have a simplified checkout process can be offering a guest checkout. Allowing guest checkouts is like an easy fix to a higher conversion rate and surely an answer to “how to increase revenue.”

Follow up on the abandoned sales

No matter how simple your checkout process is, there will still be some abandoned sales. However, these abandoned sales could be your potential buyers.

An average of 35% of the abandoned customers are potentially recoverable through minor changes in layouts, design, or copy. But how do you do it?

Some tips that might be helpful-

  1. Send a follow-up email
  2. Send in push notifications
  3. Give them incentives or discounts
  4. Run retargeting ads

This eCommerce hack is a great way to drive conversions resulting in increased revenues and profits. Just by targeting these abandoned sales, you can boost your conversion rate by 11%..

Free shipping

It might sound super easy, but free shipping does attract a lot of customers and will significantly help an eCommerce business boost the conversion rate.

To attract more customers and make sure that they keep returning to you, free shipping is a must. It also helps an eCommerce business stay competitive.

If you think your business can’t afford free shipping, you need to revise your pricing strategies and work them out. Giants in the industry like Amazon and Walmart have aced this hack and have also seen the results. It is your turn to implement it and see how it works out.

Highlight your website security

An eCommerce website would involve a transfer of money between two parties. A financial transaction requires utmost trust and security and this is why you need to back your eCommerce website with proper security and mention it to your customers. Especially with all the cybersecurity issues that have been happening across the world, you must highlight your website security.

Your eCommerce website must be backed up with a reputable security service provider and mentioned on your website. The consequences of not mentioning it can be a problem.

Doing all this will put your customer at ease and build trust.

Have multiple payment options

Not everyone might have a credit card or a visa card. For a good conversion rate, you need to ensure that your eCommerce business has various payment options available. The payment methods that you put out become an important factor in the buying decision.

Every user has their preference in terms of the mode of payment. The reason can be security, convenience, or rewards. What we as an eCommerce business need to take care of is not losing a sale because of unavailable modes of payment.

Have an easy return policy

Your return and guarantee policies must be very clearly stated on your online platforms. 

Make sure the policies are clear, concise, easy to follow, and honest. This will help customers trust your eCommerce business helping you in increasing sales and revenue. You get more return customers with easy return policies.

An improved CTA

An eCommerce website will have multiple CTA’s across the platform. It is important to make sure your call to action is bold and clear. These CTA buttons can make or break your conversion rate.

Make sure they’re placed in the center and are catchy enough. Elements like size, placement, color, and font have to be taken care of as well. Try the A/B testing here and make the most out of your CTA.

Incorporate live chat

Customer experience is the key. When you give customers are good experience, they will keep coming back, helping you with better revenues and profits. Live chat is like a support method when shopping online. These 24*7 live chatbots can assist users in case of any queries or problems.

These chatbots are generally powered by AI, so they can also understand customer behavior and help you with various decisions like pricing strategies.

Final Thoughts

If you’re able to follow these hacks religiously, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to double the conversion rate resulting in increased revenues and profits. The “how to increase revenue” question now seems to be answered via an increased conversion rate.

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