11 Top Tips to Design an eCommerce Website for Success

Design An eCommerce Website


Today, if we want to purchase something, without second thoughts, we directly jump into the eCommerce store and begin our shopping spree. Right?

However, when a particular website design is clunky and provides a poor user experience, we do not trust that company and immediately shift our attention to the other website. In other words, it stresses the importance a website design has in improving the sales and success of a business.

Moreover, 48 percent of people consider website design as the most crucial factor in determining a website’s credibility, and 38 percent of them do not visit the site again if they find it unattractive.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most relevant tips that might prove helpful in designing your online store.

Importance of Having an Appropriate Website Design

When you start a small business online, the first thing that you need to do is create a website, which should be more than just amazing. A website when designed appropriately provides an appealing user experience and even influences the overall impression of your brand.

Other than that, the following are some of the reasons that enable you to learn the importance of website designing

Sets The First Impression

Your website provides your audience with the first impression of your brand. It allows your customers to make judgments concerning your business within seconds. So, you need to build a website that leaves a positive impact on the customers.

Helps In Your SEO Strategy

Using web design elements and practices influences the way you publish your content on the website. This, in turn, impacts the search engine results and index ranking of your website. These are the only things you cannot mess up with. When your on-page SEO is not up to the point, you will find the process of acquiring visibility arduous. Therefore, we advise you to choose an eCommerce platform that helps you in designing your website without affecting your SEO strategy.

Builds Trust

Your customers will not trust your website if it is not designed properly. Everything, from the design to information, needs to be accurate and up-to-date. Customers who trust your brand remain loyal throughout and provide your business an opportunity to generate more leads.

Top 11 Tips To Design A Successful eCommerce Website

Now that you have understood that designing a website is not that difficult. All you need to do is remember some of the following significant tips that help you in fulfilling desired goals of your business.

Improve Your Product Imagery

Product images play a very crucial role in the website designing process. If your website contains images that are blurry, huge or do not have any images at all, your business might fail to perform well online.

We advise you to use high-quality and not too heavy (in terms of file size) images. By doing so, you will witness an increase in the performance and user experience of your website.

To achieve the criteria, you can:

  1. Use professional design software that will compress the images and size without damaging their quality.
  2. Invest more time in taking proper pictures of the products. It is because customers only buy products from websites that provide appropriate images of what they intend to buy.

Focus On Branding Consistency

Today, consumers jump from one website or app to another in search of an appropriate product. According to statistics, about 85 percent of consumers begin their shopping from one website and end on the other. Hence, to avoid this from happening, you need to make your branding and experiences robust and consistent across all devices and channels.

By this, we mean keeping the color and messaging the same on your websites and your social media accounts as well. Moreover, your customer service should use a similar tone as used on your website.

And if you also have a physical store, ensure to give them the vibe of your website and vice versa.

Improve Customer Experience

The design of your eCommerce website should connect with your customers. And for that, it is essential to think like them. Eventually, your customers only want a site that is easily navigable and well-designed, and that makes the shopping process easy, straightforward, and hassle-free.

Also, consider the following questions during the designing process:

  1. Which layout will be easiest for them to navigate?
  2. How to simplify the checkout process?
  3. How to organize your products in a way that is suitable for your end-user?

These questions will help you in determining the wants of your customer and designing the website to meet those needs.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Having a mobile responsive eCommerce website helps in providing the content without running off the sides and that navigates effortlessly. Furthermore, consumers today mostly use their phones to make their purchases.

Therefore, when your page is not mobile-friendly, you tend to lose a broad group of customers. Take the help of an appropriate eCommerce platform, like WorksLeader, which has a default feature of converting your website into mobile templates. After all, your customers should have an equal opportunity to shop with you.

Use Colors Extensively

If you want to design your online store, you need to be very careful as color is considered to be one of the most powerful tools. You need to understand the psychology behind every color to use to your advantage.

Different colors envisage different meanings, feelings, emotions, and actions. And for improving the conversion rate of your website, choosing a color that fits well with the message you want to give to your audience is very essential.

For instance, you can select a bright color like red for the purchase button as it signifies the feeling of passion and excitement. Moreover, you can choose to incorporate blue if you want to increase your credibility. It is the color that is loved universally and even increases the feeling of trust.

In a nutshell, if you know how to use it, it can have a vast impact on your eCommerce store.

Provide Accurate Product Information

It does not matter whether your customer visits your website and purchases your product or not. It is your responsibility to provide them with accurate product information associated with stock and warehouse levels, product descriptions, product imagery, videos, other media, and most importantly, prices.

We advise you to utilize third-party integration with the Product Information Management (PIM) system to integrate with your commerce and ERP software.

Use High-Quality Images

Images play a very significant role in increasing the conversion rate of your website. According to a recent case study, integrating images in the website increases conversions by over 40 percent. It is true in terms of eCommerce stores.

No one purchases products without exploring the entire site. Hence, you have to show them what they are exactly buying using high-quality images. When you publish professional images of your product, you tend to build confidence and trust in your customers. If your customer is confident with the product, they will make the purchase.

Include Customer Feedback

Apart from images, the best way to gain customers’ trust and attract sales is by acquiring feedback from real-life people. So, while designing your website, ensure to include customer feedback. Moreover, create a custom product catalog that includes ratings of a particular product or service, case studies or client testimonials, and videos or images.

Make The Website Look Professional

Customers do not like unprofessional websites. Hence, it is fundamental to invest in a professional website that not only helps you in building trust with the customers but also acquires success.

Ensure that your website is free from any typos or spelling mistakes. Also, make your color palette, font, and footer design consistent. Check whether all the product buttons and links are working properly.

Because if you want your customer to take yourself seriously, you need to be serious first. And you can only achieve this by creating a professional website.

Provide a Straightforward Checkout Process

If you wonder how to sell input devices online, make your checkout process as straightforward as possible. Overly complicated checkout sends your customer away to your competitors. Therefore, ensure to make it simple, easy to navigate, and transparent. You need to be entirely transparent throughout the process. Also, do not forget to divert your client’s attention toward the affirmation page after they have made the purchase. This way, you will rest assured that everything went effortlessly.

Create Scannable Content

Customers do not spend much of their time reading lengthy product descriptions. Instead, they scan the text for the primary information. Therefore, to provide them with accurate information, make the content scannable.

Break up your content into easy-to-scan content. Keep the sentences and paragraphs short, bold the significant words, and use bulleted text to separate large blocks of text.

When the content is scannable, the customer will be able to look at all the information and make purchases easily.

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Key Takeaway

Designing a website might be a daunting task. But, if you are aware of the website designing tips, it will look very straightforward and effortless. So, follow these tips and start improving your website’s conversion by optimizing your website design.

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