10 Points Every B2B Sales Quoting Software Must Include

b2b sales quoting software

With the market swarmed with the latest technologies and products, selling a solution to customers is getting harder and harder. Personalizing the entire quoting system for the customer is the need of the hour. Sales have always been challenging at any point in human history. But with the introduction of B2B sales quoting software, it just got a bit easier.

Quoting well means mastering the art of driving your potential customers to sign a deal with your business. Preparing a quote, presenting it, and responding to your customer all play a crucial role in getting your quote accepted. Whether you are selling through eCommerce software or not, in today’s world every business needs a quote that is personally suitable to them.

So let us talk about some points that will help you in easy quotation creation that is more convenient and suitable to you and your client.

Sales Quoting Software

Using Templates to Deliver Quotes Faster

Speed is one of the most critical factors of sales quoting software. More often than not, a customer sends out a product quote request to more than just one potential supplier.

In such scenarios, it is essential to develop an efficient sales quote and deliver it faster. And this can be achieved by using an online quotation tool that features a variety of templates.

Quote templates reduce the lag time in the quote creation process, thus delivering the quote to your customer faster.

Most of the templates are designed keeping the buyer’s readability in mind so that they can quickly review the quote and get back to you for their next step. A thoroughly laid out template also helps you to include all the points in the quote.

This ensures that all the primary information in the quote is addressed accurately. The customer can quickly scan through the document to see the impact, and thus help them to make their decisions swiftly and efficiently.

Presenting Accurate Quotes and Limiting Bottlenecks

Inaccuracies in quotes are the harsh reality of sales reps. A deal that is near to being closed can get stalled if accurate quotes are not presented before the customer.

If we see from a customer’s perspective, it is easier for them to jump to the next potential vendor. Sales reps need to be extremely careful when presenting quotes.

Suppose there is a scenario where the quote gets sent back due to any inaccuracy. In that case, it creates a huge bottleneck in the sales workflow.

This happens when a quote is sent to a prospective client- the sales team shifts its focus and resources to cater to other potential clients to make a quotation proposal to them. Having sent back a quote doubles the work to redo the entire piece again and halts the progress of the quote pitch to other customers, thus creating a hurdle in their operations.

Payment gateways and DocuSign electronic signature

Quoting should be integrated with DocuSign and payment gateways. Quotes will be accepted quickly by the customer, and the reseller will get paid faster. This is because the customer can make payments immediately through payment gateways.

No scanning and faxing are needed. No sending back and forth is required. This helps in closing the deal faster by eliminating the paperwork required to approve a quote. This also leverages the customer to quickly accept or reply to a quote, anytime and anywhere.

Custom and Personalized Quote Configurations

It is essential to make sales quotations that are exceptionally customer-centric. Tailored quotes that are business targeted make a customer feel valued and thus strengthen the long-term business partnership. Customized and personalized quote pitches make a client feel valued.

It is essential to create online quotations that fulfill all the requirements of the businesses, keeping in mind all the keen points about their needs. The seller can easily customize or configure a sales quote by adding appropriate products, altering prices, personalizing discount levels, billing/shipping options, etc.

Interactive Customer Options

There are many factors in a sales quotation that help in closing the deal quickly. One of them is providing flexible and adjustable quoting solutions. The customer can be provided with an interactive sales quotation.

This allows the customer to play with and make adjustments to the quote, thus providing a uniquely personalized experience. This prevents your customers from switching to your competitors for other alternative options.

It also provides flexibility and freedom to the clients who are unsure of the number of products they want to purchase.

Follow Up

Once a sales quotation is shared, following up on it within 2 to 3 working days helps show the customer that you prioritize them. Checking up on the customer and whether they’re satisfied with the quote or have any queries goes a long way.

Follow-ups can be the most substantial part of a sales process that can help convert a potential business into actual sales. This ensures omitting chances of missed opportunities.

With multiple sellers swarming around the customer, it is always beneficial to stay on their radar and convince them about your product and quotation. This helps in attracting buyers and solving any doubts in your customer’s minds.

Identifying Risks and Obligations

Your B2B sales quoting software should have the ability to identify business risks and obligations. Quotes are a legally binding statement of terms and the costs you commit to in exchange for providing products and services to a potential client.

Suppose there is a concern about the feasibility of a product. In that case, you should always consider a worst-case scenario and propose a clause in the quote.

This risk management quote could protect both parties from any undesirable outcomes in the future. Seeking a recommendation from the Office of Fair Trading could go a long way in your business’s sales quoting.

Curating Compelling and Highly Targeted Propositions

When creating online quotations, they should be well constructed, properly formatted, and uniquely distinct from your competitor’s sales quote. A compelling sales quotation must be brief and to the point. It should not be lengthy and ambiguous.

Keeping the quote short and crisp helps the customer appreciate and view the content of the quotation in a more positive light.

Sending a Quote Within 24 Hours

After the pricing is done, it is an excellent idea for businesses to send out the sales quote within 24 hours after wrapping up the initial client meeting. This showcases the agility of the company and its interest in catering to the buyer. In addition to that, this also ensures efficiency and instant connection with the clients.


As an active market competitor, it is good to take feedback from your potential customers. Noting and working on the points which did not make the potential lead sign off the deal goes a long way.

Practicing this can help you in improving your sales quotation and process for the forthcoming clients. Lastly, it is always a good idea to loop in on feedback to keep a check on your mistakes

And here you go!

Suppose if you have a business with B2B sales quoting software integration. In that case, you must keep the above points in mind while you make a quotation proposal to your customers. These won’t only help you in converting the potential leads into clients but also in maintaining and growing your relationship with them.

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